Top 25 Halloween Costumes (2014)

With Halloween just around the corner, choosing a costume can get overwhelming with all the rush and all the choices. However, as the countdown is winding down it is important to decide sooner or later because there is a risk of costumes selling out and no one wants to have to switch up their plans last minute. At iLoveSexy, we stock hundreds of costumes every single year, and we decided to put together a video to show off all of our best sellers and our personal favorites. We hope this helps those of you who have yet to decide on a costume.

Out of the 25 we have shown in the video, we have also narrowed it down to 5 to feature here on our blog. These are the ones that we think are on point with this year’s trends in fashion and entertainment. If you’re having a hard time figuring it all out, allow us to give you a helping hand in the right direction.

1. On Deck Darling – A sailor costume is a classic, and there’s no sailor costume like the pinup inspired kind. In recent fashion, high-waisted bottoms are a must have, and this costume features that perfect throwback silhouette that will sure to be a hit.
2. Playful Panda – A little more playful than the others, this panda costume features a furry hoodie that is great for costume goers of all ages. It is more on the cute side than the sexy, but an animal costume is always a fail safe option on Halloween. Not only can it be worn on Halloween, but we are sure it will be a crowd pleaser at rave festivals during this time of the year.
3. Sexy Clown – With the premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show and its scary clowns, the circus is on everyone’s minds. This costume favorite of ours not only works well as a clown/jester costume that you can either make sexy or scary depending on your makeup, but it can also work as a Harley Quinn costume.
4. Evil Queen – Fairy tales have been very prominent in the entertainment industry in this past year. With the popularity of the movie Frozen and shows like Once Upon A Time, everyone wants to be part of that fantastical world of magic. Although, everyone wants to be the good guy, dressing up as one of the villains is just as fun if not more. One of our favorites has got to be the Evil Queen, especially the one in Once Upon A Time where her character is much more developed and complex.
5. Sexy Poison Ivy – The tv series Gotham just premiered not too long ago, and with new focus on the Batman story line, the characters from it are definitely going to spark interest this Halloween. This new arrival Poison Ivy costume features a sexy corset top that we think is perfect for those who want to show of their curves.
We hope we’ve made your costume decision a little easier if you are still in dire need of one. We’ve gone over only a very select few, and if none of these tickle your fancy, there are still hundreds more we offer on our website, Head on over, and hopefully you will find that costume that’s calling your name.

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