DIY Lace Bunny Ears for Halloween Bunny Costumes

Want to have a fun and frisky Halloween this year? Bunny costumes have always been a popular favorite among customers and this year is no different. When we think of bunny costumes, we think of Playboy, Las Vegas  and all the glamour that goes along with it. Putting together a bunny costume for Halloween is simple and straight-forward. However, we at iLoveSexy decided to kick things up a notch this year. Instead of keeping the standard bunny ears that come with every costume, we wanted to create our own bunny ears with a modern twist. Lace bunny ears have made headlines over the past couple of years. From Lady Gaga to the Olsen Twins, it seems as though everyone wants a piece of these lace bunny ears. That’s why for this week’s DIY, we bring you our very own DIY lace bunny ears tutorial for you! Quick and easy to do, these lace bunny ears are flirty yet elegant, and will definitely be a hit at Halloween parties. All eyes will be on you and every girl is going to want to know where you got them. The best part? Because they look so amazing, no one will believe that you hand-crafted them yourself! So if you’re confident enough to rock a bunny costume this year, then let’s get started on these DIY Lace Bunny Ears! And as always, we have compiled our top recommendations from our Bunny Costume Collection to pair perfectly with these ears for your consideration. Here goes!

DIY Lace Bunny Ears - What you will need


What you will need: 

Thick floral wire
Hot glue
Tacky glue
Wire cutters
Needle and thread


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 1

1. Measure out the desired shape of your bunny ears on the floral wire. Bend the floral wire according to the shape and use a wire cutter to cut them. Make sure to leave one end of the floral wire long enough to coil later.

DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 2

2. Using pliers, twist one end of the wire to the other end, wrapping around tightly to form the shape of the bunny ear.


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 3

4. Use pliers to create a coil on the long end of the wire. Wrap the wire around several times to make a sturdy and flat coil.


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 5

5. This is how your bunny ears should look like so far.


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 6

6. Cut out a large piece of lace and lay it on top of the floral wire.


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 8

7. Use a needle and thread to sew the lace onto the wire. Try to keep the threads close together to avoid bunching the lace.


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 8

8. After you have finished sewing your lace to the wire, knot it securely. Use scissors to cut off the excess lace.


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 9

9. This is how your lace bunny ears should look like so far. Aren’t they simply adorable?


DIY Bunny Ears - Step 10

10. Attach your bunny ears to the headband by applying hot glue onto the coil you created earlier and pressing it to the headband. Hold it there for about thirty seconds or until you know the hot glue has dried.


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 11

11. This next step is optional, but to imitate the fluffiness of bunnies, we decided to add a few feathers to the bottom of the ears. We cut some black feathers into clusters and used hot glue to attach them.


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Finished Product

And there you have it!  Now you have your very own pair of DIY lace bunny ears to go with any Halloween bunny costumes. Whether you choose to buy a costume or put one together yourself, these DIY lace bunny ears are chic enough to pair with them. And this accessory is not just limited to black lace. You can use any colored lace to create these bunny ears, just as long as you use the same colored thread. For a sweet and innocent look, white or pink colors would look divine. And if you want to go trendy, you could go with mint-colored bunny ears. Or if you prefer to go down a more eclectic route, you can even use bright colors such as neon pink or purple. We love the bunny costumes in our collection, and we just can’t help but share a few ideas that would make for a very fun and flirty Halloween. So let’s take a look at our top picks for the year!


Sexy Club Bunny Costume

Sexy Club Bunny

Sexy Bunny Costume

Sexy Bunny

Bombshell Bunny

Bombshell Bunny

Tux & Tails Bunny Costume

Tux & Tails Bunny


Although times have changed since the glitz and glam of the 1960s Playboy Club, the allure of a woman in the bunny costume still stands to this day. Are you in love with any of these? We can’t help but noticing just how enchanting our DIY Lace Bunny Ears would look with any of them. Whether you are looking for a vintage bunny look or a modern bunny look, these bunny ears make the perfect accessory and can be worn in so many different ways. We would love to know yours as well, so please leave us some love in the form of comments, questions or suggestions. We have been working hard to come up with the most fun, creative and easy tutorials to help get you prepped for a very sexy Halloween! So check back again next week for more DIY tutorials! You just might find something that you want to create.


Don’t forget to share the amazing Halloween DIYs you have come up with. Send us pictures of any of our DIY tutorials that you have done via email at, and we may post it up on our Instagram at @ilovesexycom.

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DIY Top Hat for Halloween Circus Costumes

Come one, come all! Growing up, one of our fondest memories was going to the circus. Entering the circus was like entering into a fantasy where wonders of the world dazzled us with magic tricks and the impossible became possible. Jugglers, clowns, and acrobats from all around the world had us in awe while a single ringleader captivated our attention with charm and charisma. This week at iLoveSexy, we would like to bring the circus to your workstation with this amazing DIY Top Hat tutorial. Large top hats may be out of style but a small top hat placed strategically on one side of the head looks simply enchanting with a hint of cheekiness. If you’re looking for something cute to match with Halloween costumes this year, this DIY top hat makes the perfect head accessory. We would say that this is one of our easiest DIY tutorials to follow along yet, because most of the steps involve gluing and cutting. And perhaps a little spray painting if you want to get fancy like we did. But stick around, try it out and of course, scroll down to the end of the tutorial for some spectacular picks from our exclusive Circus Collection! Let’s get started on our DIY top hat!

DIY Top Hat - What You Will Need


What you will need:

Stiffened felt (you should be able to find this at your local craft store such as JoAnn or Michael’s)
Black spray paint
Gold spray paint
Faux flower(s)
Red ribbon (sheer)
Black ribbon
Black lace
Gold trim
Black feathers
X-Acto Knife
Hot glue gun


DIY Top Hat - Step 1

1. Remove your flower from the stem. It should slide off with ease but if it happens to be attached with hot glue, then feel free to cut it off the stem with your scissors.


DIY Top Hat - Step 2

2. Lay your flower on top of some scratch paper. In an area with proper ventilation, begin spray painting your flower with the black spray paint. You may need 2-3 coats of spray paint, so wait around half an hour in between coats.


DIY Top Hat - Step 3

3. After your black spray paint has dried, lightly spray the gold spray paint on the top of the flower. Be careful not to spray too much, since you want just a light wash of gold for a washed-out, vintage look.


DIY Top Hat - Step 4

4. Use an object that is circular in shape and with a pencil, trace a circle into the stiffened felt. You will be cutting out several circles and these two will serve as the brim of your top hat. We measured the diameter of the large circle and it comes out to 5 inches.


DIY Top Hat -  Step 5

5. Trace a second circle of equal diameter. Inside that circle, trace a smaller circle that is even from all sides, forming a doughnut.


DIY Top Hat - Step 6

6. Use your scissors and cut out the two circles you have so far.


DIY Top Hat - Step 7

7. Using your X-Acto knife, cut a slit in the middle of the circle. This step is not mandatory, but we highly recommend it for more control and precision for your cutting.


DIY Top Hat - Step 8

8. Insert your scissors into the slit and cut out the small circle out from the larger circle.


DIY Top Hat - Step 9

9. Using your doughnut shaped circle, trace two small circles. These two circles will serve as the top and bottom cover to your hat portion and are about 2.65 inches in diameter.


DIY Top Hat - Step 10

10. After you have finished cutting everything, you should have one large circle, one doughnut shaped circle and two small circles.


DIY Top Hat - Step 11

11. Trace two straight lines into the stiffened felt, about 4.5 inches apart.


DIY Top Hat - Step 12

12. Cut along the lines as neatly as you can. This will serve as the body of your hat portion.


DIY Top Hat - Step 13

13. Dispense hot glue along the edge of one side of the felt strip. Glue that end to the other end as neatly as you can, allowing for a small overlap of fabric. This should form a cylinder.


DIY Top Hat - Step 14

14. Dispense hot glue on the edge of the cylinder in sections to attach the small circle. After you have finished gluing around the whole cylinder, make sure the small circle is secure. Repeat this step for the other side of the cylinder.


DIY Top Hat - Step 15

15. Taking your X-Acto Knife again, cut two small slits about 1.5 inches apart in the center of the large circle.


DIY Top Hat - Step 16

16. Dispense hot glue onto your doughnut circle and attach it to the large circle.


DIY Top Hat - Step 17

17. Loop your ribbon through the slits you have made and adjust accordingly. The ribbon will be used to tie the top hat to your head.


DIY Top Hat - Step 18

18. Place hot glue in sections around the inside of your doughnut circle. Attach the cylinder securely and this should form your top hat. And now it’s time to decorate!


DIY Top Hat - Step 19

19. For our trim along the top hat, we glued the gold trim to the center of the sheer red ribbon. After that, we glued the ribbon to the hat, again in small sections.


DIY Top Hat - Step 20

20. This is how your top hat should look like so far.


DIY Top Hat - Step 21

21.  Don’t forget about your lovely lace and flower! Cut out a small piece of lace and hot glue it to the back of the flower. This will really give your top hat a romantic, weathered feel.


DIY Top Hat - Step 22

22.  Place a  thin strip of hot glue along the bottom boning of the black feathers. Stick them behind the flower and now you are done!


DIY Top Hat - Finished Product

This could not be more of a perfect time to say, “TA-DA!” Wouldn’t you agree? No one would be able to tell just how simple this DIY top hat was to make, because of all the beautiful little trinkets used to decorate it. You can find all sorts of arts and crafts goodies at your local craft store and can decorate according to the color and design that you want. You don’t have to go out and buy the exact same materials as we did when decorating and we highly encourage you to go a little crazy with decorating your top hat. Besides, you know what they say. A circus isn’t a good one without a little bit of craziness. And now that we have our lovely little top hat, let’s take a look at a few of the gorgeous Halloween costumes you can match them with.


Ring Mistress

Ring Mistress


Vintage Cigarette Girl

Vintage Cigarette Girl


Big Top Show Stopper

Big Top Show Stopper


Le Belle Harlequin

Le Belle Harlequin


When it comes to the circus, there is much more than meets the eye. The circus is a place full of mystery, wonder and excitement. And what better way to relive your fondest childhood memories than to dress up as a circus performer? A clown, cigarette girl, ringleader–there are so many choices! Which one of these circus costumes was your favorite? Did you see any circus costumes that you liked in our collection? What did you think of the tutorial and will you be attempting this at home before Halloween comes along? We love to see comments so please leave us your thoughts in the comment box below!

Please let us see what awesome Halloween DIYs you have come up with! Don’t hesitate to send us pictures of any of our DIY tutorials that you have created via email at, and we may post it up on our Instagram at @ilovesexycom. Check back again next week for an all-new DIY tutorial that will help get you pumped up for Halloween!

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DIY Masquerade Mask for Halloween Costumes

Have you ever wanted to attend a masquerade ball? There is something so enchanting about disappearing from the real world and descending into another where you can be anyone you wish to be. Donning a beautiful mask while dancing the night away with a mysterious stranger is a fantasy that so many of us have. Halloween is coming up, and there are many ways that you can make that fantasy come true. Here at iLoveSexy, we have put together our own DIY Masquerade Mask tutorial for you to try out. While you do not necessarily need to replicate this mask step-by-step, you can definitely use this as a template or for inspiration on how you would want to design your mask. The sky’s the limit, so don’t hesitate to go a little crazy on the decorating. After all, when it comes to putting together your costume, isn’t Halloween about going all out? Stick around at the end of of this tutorial for some really gorgeous and extravagant costumes from our Antoinette Collection and Mardi Gras Collection that you can pair your masquerade mask with. We promise that you will have a ball dressing up in these best-seller outfits. In the meantime, let’s get started on our tutorial!


DIY Masquerade Mask - What you will need


What you will need:

Plastic mask (you may choose whatever shape you wish, or you may make your own)
Black spray paint
Gold paint
Gold dimensional fabric paint/puffy paint
Gold glitter
Gold rhinestones
Clear rhinestones
Gold trim
2 strings of black beads
Black faux flower
Black lace
Black feathers
Black ribbon
Hot glue gun
Newspaper or scratch paper
Paint brushes

DIY Masquerade Mask - Step 1

1. Lay out your mask on the newspaper or scratch paper and spray paint your mask thoroughly and as evenly as possible. You may have to spray paint the mask in two or three layers, depending how evenly it has dried.


DIY Masquerade Mask - Step 2

2. This is how the mask should look like once dry. We spray painted this twice and let it dry for about forty-five minutes.


DIY Masquerade Mask - Step 3

3. To give more shape to the eye area, we used gold paint to give the mask distinctive cat eyes.


DIY Masquerade Mask - Step 4

4. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle a generous layer of gold glitter onto the eye area, making sure the eyes have an even coat.


DIY Masquerade Mask - Step 5

5. For adding 3-D designs, use the gold dimensional fabric paint and draw out designs such as swirls and jewels. Feel free to be as creative as you would like with this part.


DIY Masquerade Mask - Step 6

6. While the gold dimensional paint is still wet, sprinkle more glitter onto the designs.


DIY Masquerade Mask - Step 7

7. Dispense a small amount of hot glue onto the mask and use a pair of tweezers to attach the rhinestones.


DIY Masquerade Mask - Step 8

8. This is how the mask should look after you have attached your rhinestones. Isn’t the mask coming together quite nicely?


DIY Masquerade Mask - Step 9

9. To add a touch of elegance to the mask, we cut a thin strip of black lace about 1-inch wide and hot-glued it to the back of the mask.


DIY Masquerade Mask - Step 10

10. We wanted a little more volume at the top, so we added a second layer of lace to the mask. We cut out a slightly wider strip of lace and hot-glued it on top of the first layer of lace.


DIY Masquerade Mask - Step 10

11. Use hot-glue to attach the gold trim all around the mask, carefully adding glue in sections and attaching the trim according to the shape of the mask.


DIY Masquerade Mask - Step 11

12. This is how the mask should look after attaching the gold trim.


DIY Masquerade Mask - Step 12

13. Take your two string of black beads and knot them securely to your faux decorative flower. Since this faux flower was originally a hair clip, we looped the strings through and knotted them securely onto the metal clip.


DIY Masquerade Mask - Step 13

14. Hot glue the decorative faux flower to the side of the mask, making sure not to cover the eye area.


DIY Masquerade Mask - Step 14

15.  Dispense hot glue onto the boning of the feather and stick it into the opening between the faux flower and the mask. Hold the feather there for about thirty seconds or until you know the feather is firmly attached to the mask. Repeat this step for as many feathers as you would like.


DIY Masquerade Mask - Step 15

16. Cut your ribbon into two pieces at your desired length. Again, use hot glue to attach one end of the ribbon to the mask. Now your masquerade mask is finally ready for you to wear! Simply place the mask over your eyes and tie the ribbon into a tight bow to hold everything in place.


DIY Masquerade Mask - Finished

Masquerade ball events are all about the lavishness and luxury, and nothing exemplifies extravagance more than a glitzy and decorative masquerade mask. We love how ornate this masquerade mask turned out. Putting together this mask was a little time-consuming because of all the little details that went into designing it, but trust us, a little patience goes a long way! You can add your own color scheme and ornamentation to fit whatever outfit you would be pairing this lovely accessory with.  As for some ideas on what to wear with this mask, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite picks for Halloween this year!

4-Piece Royal Antoinette

Royal Attoinette


Mysterious Masquerade

Mysterious Masquerade


Victorian Doll
Victorian Doll


Mardi Gras Maven

Mardi Gras Maven


Halloween is all about having fun and turning all your craziest fantasies into reality for just one night. Why not go all the way this year with a glamorous costume that will really stand out among the witches, police officers and pirates? These costumes may be inspired from history, but they have been modernized with a sexy yet elegant twist. And no costume is complete without a bedazzling masquerade mask! Putting together your Halloween costume doesn’t just have to end with purchasing an outfit. Decorating it and adding accessories is what makes it special. And for twice the fun, you can even invite friends over and have a masquerade mask decorating party. The possibilities for designing this accessory are endless, so let your creative juices flow and get started on making your own with our DIY tutorial today! What did you think of this week’s tutorial? Will you be trying out it for yourself? How would you like to decorate your mask? Don’t forget to leave us some feedback in the comments below!


We would love to see what awesome Halloween DIYs you have come up with! So don’t hesitate to send us pictures of any of our DIY tutorials that you have created via email at, and we may post it up on our Instagram at @ilovesexycom. Check back again next week for an all-new DIY tutorial that will help get you pumped up for Halloween!

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Superhero and Villain Costumes Dominate Halloween 2013

2013 has been a major year for superheros in Hollywood. Iron Man 3 kicked off the beginning of May while Man of Steel was this summer’s highly anticipated blockbuster. And it doesn’t just end there. We are all holding our breath in excitement over “Thor: The Dark World” coming out, just after Halloween. With so many superhero movies premiering one right after the other, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to look like a superhero this Halloween. Like Superman, the rise in the popularity of superhero and villain costumes hit us faster than a speeding bullet. Here at iLoveSexy, we carry over thousands of costumes in our collection, with a wide variety of choices in the Superhero and Villain categories. These are our top three suggestions for superhero and villain costumes that will have you asking yourself–who’s side are you on?


Women's American Dream Costume

Women’s American Dream Costume

As the leader of The Avengers, it’s no secret that the captain looks every bit as powerful as she looks fierce. Patriotic, resilient and charismatic, this American Dream costume is all about the stars and stripes. This set includes a dress, boot covers, gloves and an eye mask and is perfect for fighting in the name of freedom, liberty and justice.

Women's Thor Costume

Women’s Thor Costume

Thor, the God of Thunder, is often associated with strength, pride and victory. Our Women’s Thor Costume is perfect for all your Halloween adventures and will have everyone in awe of the power and intensity you yield. This set includes a dress with a detachable cape, glovettes, boot covers and a character headpiece. Add the signature hammer to the mix and you are ready to rule the skies.

4-Piece Cat Girl Costume

4-Piece Cat Girl Costume

And we can’t forget about one of our favorite villainesses here, Catwoman. Reminiscent of Anne Hathaway’s costume in last year’s “The Dark Knight Rises”, our 4-Piece Cat Girl Costume is dark and sleek, with just a hint of mystery. This set includes a zipper front jumpsuit with an open back, a belt, padded gloves and an eye mask for concealing your identity as the feline mistress of disguise.


Superheros may only live in our fantasies but that doesn’t mean you can’t look as fabulous as them!  We hope you enjoyed checking out our top superhero and villain costumes for 2013. Please visit our website at for many more choices. Do you plan to dress up as a superhero or a villain this year? Who do you want to be? Will you be transforming into any of these glorious heroes we’ve listed above? Let us know in the comments below!

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