DIY Glitter Heels Tutorial

Shopping for the perfect holiday party outfit can seem daunting, especially with all the crowds and long lines you’ll encounter at any fashionable retailer nowadays. When it comes to picking out a dress, you will also want the right shoes and accessories to go along with it. Personally, we, at iLoveSexy, have been head over heels (no pun intended) over the sparkling glitter heels you can find at popular footwear retailers. They come in many different colors of silver, gold, pink and red and are absolutely captivating to behold. However, glitter heels can get quite expensive and will set you back a good chunk of your wallet, which you can be spending on other items anyways. That’s why this week, we came up with a simple and fun DIY glitter heels tutorial that you can do right at home with any pair of old heels you may want to renovate. We used our Pin Up Couture Black Bliss Pumps, which worked out wonderfully to create our version. And if you are interested in using a different pair, we have many other choices in our Pumps Collection. Whatever you decide to choose, you will be happy to know you are saving by creating your own DIY glitter pumps. Wear these to your next holiday party and wow everyone by leaving a trail of sparkle wherever you go. So let’s get started!


DIY Glitter Heels - What you will need


What you will need:

A pair of high heels
Extra fine glitter
Mod Podge (Satin or Gloss Finish should do)
Sponge brushes
Bowl or plate for mixing


DIY Glitter Heels - Step 1

1. Cut a piece of sandpaper that is small enough to fit comfortably on your hand.


DIY Glitter Heels - Step 2

2. Use the sandpaper to buff around the heels in circular motions. Sandpapering your heels will allow your glitter mixture to adhere to  the heels.


DIY Glitter Heels - Step 3

3. This is how your heels should look after you have buffed them. Do not worry about all the white marks, as you will be covering them up afterwards.


DIY Glitter Heels - Step 4

4. Dispense a generous amount of glitter and Mod Podge. The more glitter you mix in, the less coats you will have to paint over.


DIY Glitter Heels - Step 5

5. Use the sponge brush to thoroughly mix the glitter into the Mod Podge. Do not worry about the mixture turning a milky pale color, as the Mod Podge will dry clear and the red glitter will show through.


DIY Glitter Heels - Step 6

6. Paint a generous coat of the glitter mixture onto your heels, making sure to get every corner. Try to make your coats as even as possible.


DIY Glitter Heels - Step 7

7.  This is how your heels will look when it is in the process of drying. After it is dry to the touch, continue to paint on your next layer. Repeat the process until you have your desired opacity and the glitter has covered the shoe completely. We gave our glitter heels a total of 4 coats.


DIY Glitter Heels - Finished

And there you have it! Not only are these DIY glitter heels perfect for the holidays, they can also be worn anywhere you can party! Pair them with a black or white dress for a bright pop of color or even with your next Halloween costume. The red glitter reminds us of Dorothy’s Heels in The Wizard of Oz, which would look great with her costume. Or for those of you who are feeling like a princess next Halloween, these heels also go nicely with a Snow White costume. The possibilities are simply endless, which is why this tutorial is definitely something you will want to look into for the holidays.


DIY Glitter Pumps - Finished2

To design your own pair of DIY glitter pumps, you don’t only have to follow along our design. We’ve seen some gorgeous designs where others decorated the platform of the heel with glitter as an accent and left the rest bare. Others added glitter to only the stilettos of the heels for an edgy effect.


DIY Glitter Heels - Finished3


Whatever you decide to do with your gorgeous DIY glitter heels, you can trust that they are a foolproof way to sparkle and shine at any event. Glitter heels are fun, festive and even durable enough to withstand walking around. And if you ever experience any wear and tear with the glitter in the heels, well, you’ll know exactly how to repair them. We hope you enjoyed this week’s DIY! As you know, Christmas is just around the corner and we hope you have enjoyed the holiday-themed DIYs we’ve done over the past few weeks. We always try to come up with the easiest and most affordable DIYs to make your crafting experience the best that it can be. So check back again next week and see what new gifts we’ll bring to you! And by the way, all we want for Christmas from you this year are your comments, questions and suggestions. So leave us some love in the comment box below and we’ll see you again next week!

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DIY Christmas Bra Tutorial

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is just around the corner and holiday cheer is everywhere you go. With so many tasks to prepare for the holiday, finding the perfect gift can be intimidating. We, at iLoveSexy, always encourage our readers to be as creative as they can be and when it comes to gifts, what’s more creative than something handcrafted? If you’re feeling both naughty and nice this year, this DIY Christmas bra that we have designed this week will make the perfect gift for that special someone. Imagine their surprise when they unwrap their gift to find a gorgeous bedazzled bra that they can show off at parties or wear for a sizzling night in. The sparkling, multicolored rhinestones and delightful shimmery feather trim are eye-catching and reminiscent of the holiday-themed bras found in popular lingerie retailers. You can create this with any bra you have at home or you can use our Baci Maximum Cleavage Underwire Bra, which is what we used to create this. And if you’re looking for more colors and styles, please take a look at our Bra Collection for other sexy designs. The holiday season is all about having fun and spreading joy to loved ones. So let’s have a little holiday fun and get started on our DIY Christmas bra!

DIY Christmas Bra - What you will need


What you will need: 

Feather boa
Small bows
Hot glue gun


DIY Christmas Bra - Step 1

1. To make gluing your  rhinestones to the bra easier, try to get an idea of what sort of design you’d like to create and lay out your rhinestones for easy picking.


DIY Christmas Bra - Step 2

2. Use hot glue to attach the rhinestones to the bra with whatever design you have come up with. We went with a randomized, clustered design for our rhinestones using different shades of red, green and silver.


DIY Christmas Bra - Step 3

3. After you have finished gluing on your rhinestones, attach a small bow in the center of the bra. This step is optional but we feel that the small red bow really gives it a festive look as the centerpiece of the bra.


DIY Christmas Bra - Step 4

4. Measure a piece of ribbon vertically against the bra and cut it according to the measurements. Hot glue the ribbon to the bra.

DIY Christmas Bra - Step 5

5. This is how our bra looks like so far. You can leave this as it is, add more ribbon or hot glue the feather boa trim against the top of the bra like we did.


DIY Christmas Bra

And now we’re finished! Doesn’t it look perfect for Christmas? We’ve seen many amazing Christmas-themed bras, but we must say, that the DIY Christmas Bra looks lovely enough for a Winter Wonderland. You can stick to a Christmas theme with red and green rhinestones or you can even add other colors to really make it pop. Insomniac’s White Wonderland event is coming up during New Year’s Eve and designing your own rave bra with white and silver accents would look amazing. Customizing your own bra has really taken off because of all the concerts and music festivals. And we hope this tutorial was useful in giving you some ideas on how you can design your own DIY Christmas bra.


DIY Christmas Bra

The holiday season is all about glitzy, sparkling decorations and this DIY Christmas bra reminds us of all the amazing ornaments we see on Christmas trees, presents and stockings. You can give this piece of lingerie as a gift to a friend or even to yourself as a treat. It never hurts to treat yourself every once in a while, right? So what would you like to receive for Christmas this year? Will you be trying out our tutorial at home? Or will you be designing your own bra? We always appreciate your feedback, so please spread the holiday cheer by leaving us any comments, questions or suggestions in the comment box below. And check back again next week to see what DIY treasures we’ll bring to you for the holidays!

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DIY Shoe Clips Tutorial

Want to spice up your shoe closet for the winter? The holiday season is all about decorations and ornaments, which is when all the popular retailers come out with their decked-out shoe collections. Glitter, bows and flowers are just an example of the many gorgeous combinations you’ll find on the shelves. You may feel tempted to grab them while they’re still hot, but we, at iLoveSexy have a special treat for you this week! We are always looking for fun and affordable DIY tutorials that are easy on the eyes and your wallet so that you can recreate fashion trends that you find in stores. In fact, we have come up with this crafty DIY Shoe Clip tutorial so that you can decorate your shoes anytime you want. This is perfect if you have any high heels lying around the house that you’d like to transform for a special occasion. Or if you’re looking for some new shoes to adorn, we have many gorgeous pumps in our Pump Collection that you may like. In just a few easy steps, you can take any old shoe from drab to fab. So stick around and find out how to make your own DIY shoe clips.

DIY Shoe Clips - What you will need


What you will need: 

Decorative appliques (bows, flowers, ornaments, etc.)
Earring clips
Hot glue or tacky glue


DIY Shoe Clips - Step 1

1. Use pliers to pinch and flatten the earring clip so that they rest comfortably against the shoe when they are attached. Repeat this step for the other clip.


DIY Shoe Clips - Step 2

2. Apply hot glue or tacky glue to the back of your applique.


DIY Shoe Clips - Step 3

3. Attach the flattened earring clip to the glue and wait for it to dry. Repeat this step for the other earring clip.


DIY Shoe Clips - Finished

Don’t these DIY shoe clips just brighten up the high heels? The best part about them is that you can switch them around to your liking and place them in different positions. Wear them in the front as your centerpiece or to the side to give it a sophisticated and romantic look. You can even clip them to the back of the shoe for a fun, retro feel. Here are just a few different ways you can wear your DIY shoe clips.

DIY Shoe Clips - Black Velvet

Similar: Pleaser Hidden Platform Pump


DIY Shoe Clips - Glitter Peep Toe Pump

Peep Toe Glitter Pump


DIY Shoe Clips - Harlow Pinup Couture Classic Pump


Harlow Pinup Couture Classic Pump

Shoe clips are chic, versatile and a simple way to dress up a pair of shoes. You can use all different kinds of shoes with these DIY shoe clips such as sandals and flats. And if you have any old costume jewelry or ornaments lying around, you can use those as part of your shoe clips as well. If you’re feeling fancy and want to incorporate some arts and crafts into your fashion, then this tutorial is perfect for you. What would you decorate your shoe clips with? Are you a fan of this look?  Let us know in the comment box below what you thought of our tutorial and if you’ll be trying this out yourself. And pay us a visit again next week to see what new tutorial we have in store for you.

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DIY Glitter Tights Tutorial

As you know, the holiday season is just around the corner. While most of us are focused on Thanksgiving, we, at iLoveSexy, personally can’t wait for Christmas time. That’s why, we are glittering things up for this week’s DIY! The holidays are all about sparkling Christmas ornaments and pristine snowfall during a Winter Wonderland. And what better time of the year than Christmas time to wear sparkling clothing? This week, we came up with a tutorial for some amazing DIY glitter tights that you can wear to all your holiday parties and excursions. These DIY glitter tights are fun, fashionable and go beautifully with ankle boots and high heels. These glitter tights are sold in retail stores during the holiday season and while you are free to purchase them, why spend money when you can easily make your own? This week’s DIY tutorial does not take up a lot of time and only requires a few steps before you can step out this Christmas season with your new gorgeous DIY glitter tights.   If you have some old nude pantyhose lying around your house, you can use that or you can purchase a new pair of Lycra Sheer Pantyhose off our website, which we have used here. So if you’re looking to spice up your attire for the winter and add this lovely accessory to your wardrobe, let’s get started!

 DIY Glitter Tights - What you will need

What you will need: 
Nude pantyhose
Spray adhesive/glue
Ultra-fine glitter
Scratch paper/Newspaper

DIY Glitter Tights - Step 1

1. Lay out your scratch paper or newspaper to catch the glitters from getting all over your place. Then lay your nude pantyhose flat against the paper.


DIY Glitter Tights - Step 2

2. Spray your spray adhesive to the pantyhose in sections.


DIY Glitter Tights - Step 3

3. Sprinkle a layer of glitter over the area you have sprayed. Try to sprinkle it as evenly across the pantyhose as possible. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have covered both sides of the pantyhose.


DIY Glitter Tights - Step 4

4. After you have finished applying glitter to both sides, carefully lift the pantyhose off the paper and gently shake the excess. Place your hand inside the pantyhose to separate both sides, as the spray adhesive may have caused them to stick to one another. Let your pantyhose dry for a couple of hours to make sure that all of the glitters are secured and there is no fall-out.

DIY Glitter Tights - Finished

And voila! Aren’t these simply breathtaking? They may look pretty now, but we guarantee you will be even more amazed after you put them on. We used an ultra fine white iridescent glitter to mimic a sparkling snowflake after a snowfall, but you can use other colors such as gold or silver as well.We recommend wearing these with a skirt and ankle boots. Ankle boots have made a big splash in the fashion industry this year, and there’s nothing quite like a pair of booties to dress up an outfit. If you wish to wear shorts or skirts in the winter but want to remain warm, then wearing these DIY glitter tights are the perfect accessory.
Well, that’s all for this week’s DIY! We hope you enjoyed reading this week’s post on how to create your own DIY glitter tights. What did you think of this week’s DIY tutorial? Are you a fan of wearing glitter tights in the winter? We can’t stress how in love we are with glitter, so you just might be seeing more glitter DIYs from us for the holiday season. Would you like to see more of those from us? Let us know in the comment box below your thoughts, questions and suggestions. And check back again next week to see what new treats we have in store for you!

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DIY Wedding Garter Tutorial

Most women dream of that special day when they will be able to walk down the aisle in a beautiful white gown. Thousands of people get married each day with various customs and traditions. However, one custom that has gone back since the 14th century and continues to be practiced to this day is the tossing of the garter. A tradition that is both loved and hated yet practiced universally, the garter symbolizes who among the wedding bachelors is next to get married. Planning for a wedding can be quite expensive and gathering all of the right accessories can definitely put a dent in your bank account. That is why this week, we, at iLoveSexy, we wanted to share a quick and easy DIY wedding garter tutorial that you can do right at home. While you are free to sew your own garter, this tutorial does not involve any sewing and all of the items we purchased can be found at your local crafts store. And best of all, everything was under $10! This DIY wedding garter is perfect to wear underneath a wedding dress or as an accessory for matching your bridal lingerie. At the end of this blog post, we’ve picked out some of our bestselling wedding lingerie from our collection that you might want to take a look at. So stick around, gather your materials and browse through our entire Bridal Collection for any gorgeous outfits that you might want to consider for that a very special night.

DIY Wedding Garter - What you will need


What you will need: 

Elastic lace
Medium-thick (3/8 inch) ribbon
Thin (1/8) ribbon
Decorative flower
Hot glue gun


DIY Wedding Garter - Step 1

1. Measure out the desired length of elastic lace needed to fit comfortably around your thigh. Measure out the same length of ribbon. Apply hot glue in sections to attach the ribbon to the elastic lace.


DIY Wedding Garter - Step 2

2. After you have finished attaching the lace, create a circle with the elastic lace by hot gluing the edges together.


DIY Wedding Garter - Step 3

3. Prepare your decorative pieces. Here we have our flower decoration and we cut a piece of 3/8-inch ribbon and tied it into a bow.


DIY Wedding Garter - Step 4

4. Use hot glue to attach the ribbon to the decorative flower, so that they form one unit.


DIY Wedding Garter - Step 5

5. Apply hot glue to the elastic lace garter and attach the decorative flower.


DIY Wedding Garter - Step 6

6. This is how your garter should look so far. You can add more decorations or you can leave it as it is.


DIY Wedding Garter - Step 7

7. To make the garter a little snazzier, we added a few rhinestones to complement the colors.


DIY Wedding Garter - Finished

And now we are finished! How easy was that? You can make one by itself or if you wish to wear the garters on both legs on top of regular thigh high stockings, you can make an additional matching garter.  It takes less than half an hour and only uses the handy dandy glue gun to put everything together, which is great for those of you who don’t know how to sew or don’t have the time. These DIY wedding garters are cute, chic and sophisticated and would go with a number of bridal lingerie pieces from our collection. While we carry a wide variety of lingerie on our website, here are a few of our most popular selections!


Wedding Garter - Honeymoon Surprise

Honeymoon Surprise


DIY Wedding Garter - Blushing Bride

Blushing Bride


DIY Wedding Garter - Sweetheart Bride

Sweetheart Bride


DIY Wedding Garter - Floral Fantasy Bride

Floral Fantasy Bride


Whether you are ready to walk down the aisle or not, it never hurts to gather ideas for that upcoming dream wedding. Customizing your own DIY wedding garter is easy to achieve and doesn’t cost nearly as much as it does to purchase one at a store. You can personalize yours any way you like by adding charms, fabrics, lace or even embroidery. In addition, this tutorial can be used to make different types of garters and is not limited to just bridal. You can use black accents to create a lovely burlesque garter or even chains to give it a dark, Gothic feel. The possibilities are endless and the results will always be spectacular. We hope you enjoyed our tutorial, as we had a lot of fun putting it together. Will you be making your own DIY wedding garter? Or did you have another idea for a garter in mind? Did you like any of the bridal lingerie selections that we have picked out? Please let us know in the comment box below if you have any comments, questions or suggestions! And check back again next week to see what all new DIY tutorial we will be bringing you!

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DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears for Cat Costumes

Halloween season has officially ended and we have another year until we can resume all of our favorite spooktacular festivities! While we are sad that we have to wait an entire year until we can celebrate our favorite holiday, we still have plenty of DIY tutorials for you to check out. We all know that Halloween is not the only time where you can dress up an outfit with a cute hair accessory. In fact, one of the most popular accessories since last year are rhinestone cat ears, which were first seen in Taylor Swift’s music video for “22”. These are incredibly fun and easy to make so we thought that it would make the perfect DIY to kick off the start of November. You can wear these DIY rhinestone cat ears with outfits in our Cat Costume Collection or casually with an everyday outfit. These DIY rhinestone cat ears are cute and subtle enough for anyone to wear animal ears out in public without looking like they’re confused about Halloween. So if you’ve always wanted to make your own pair of DIY rhinestone cat ears, stick around for our tutorial!

DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - What you will need

 What you will need:

Floral wire
Wire cutters
Hot glue gun


DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - Step 1


1. Measure the length of wire that you will use to form your cat ears. You can eyeball it depending on the size you want, but just make sure to leave enough wire to wrap around the headband.


DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - Step 2


2. After you have finished cutting out your first wire, use that first piece to measure out your second piece.


DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - Step 3


3. Using pliers, wrap the two ends of the wire around the headband, keeping the shape of the cat ears in mind. You can also use the pliers to bend, shape and smooth out the wire.


DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - Step 4


4. This is how your cat ears should look after you have finished wrapping the wires.


DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - Step 5


5. Use hot glue to attach the rhinestones to the wires. You can add as many as you’d like, depending on how many the cat ears can fit.


DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - Finished

DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - Finished2

DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - Finished


Are these adorable or what? It seems as though everyone is jumping on the rhinestone cat ear trend nowadays. From pop music stars to magazine cover girls, every girl wants to get her hands on these. Well, what better way than to make your own? And if you prefer to add other decorations, you can use pearls or different colored crystals instead. These DIY rhinestone cat ears are simple to make and only take a little time to create. So get started on creating your own cat ears right meow! And show us some love in the comment box below in the form of any comments, questions or suggestions that you would like to see for next week’s DIY tutorial.

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DIY Peacock Headpiece for Halloween Peacock Costumes

Have you ever  heard the phrase, “as pretty as a peacock”? Bright and flamboyant, the peacock serves as a symbol of beauty, wealth and extravagance.  Since ancient times, peacocks have been used in fashion and decorations and are prized for their colorful, iridescent feathers. Peacocks are sometimes criticized for being prideful and ostentatious, though often times with good reason. One cannot deny that the peacock is glamorous and is the showstopper among its other animal kingdom friends. Always a favorite in clothing and art, peacock feathers can  be seen almost everywhere including Halloween costumes. If you are all about standing out among a crowd this Halloween, then you may want to consider dressing up as a lovely peacock.  Here, at iLoveSexy, we have a wonderful selection of the latest and most popular peacock costumes that are sure to make you the star of the show. But we firmly believe that a costume is only as good as its accessories. That is why we have come up with a simple yet gorgeous DIY peacock headpiece tutorial for you this week! Stick around and find out how to make this amazing accessory to go with any of our peacock costumes from our collection.


DIY Peacock Headpiece - What you will need


What you will need:

Peacock feathers
Hair comb
Hot glue gun


DIY Peacock Headpiece - Step 1

1. Use scissors to cut your peacock feathers to the desired length. We left about 1 to 1.5 inches of the stem.


DIY Peacock Headpiece - Step 2

2. Use hot glue to attach each stem of the feather to the back of the comb.


DIY Peacock Headpiece - Step 3

3. This is how your DIY peacock headpiece should look like so far. You can use a regular hair comb or choose one with decorative accents.


DIY Peacock Headpiece - Step 4

4. Dispense hot glue to the front of the hair comb and attach your brooch to the front.


DIY Peacock Headpiece - Finished


Now are you ready to strut your stuff with this DIY peacock headpiece? We sure are! Not only was this DIY peacock headpiece incredibly easy to put together, but also quick. Who knew that you could create such amazing crafts and accessories using just a glue gun? You can also create this headpiece with a headband or with an elastic band, depending on how you wish to don your peacock feathers. Whatever way you choose, you can definitely find the perfect peacock outfit to pair it with in our favorite peacock costume selections. Take a look down below for some fun and flirty ideas!


DIY Peacock Headpiece - Princess Peacock Costume

Princess Peacock


DIY Peacock Headpiece - Sexy Peacock Costume

Sexy Peacock


DIY Peacock Headpiece - Royal Peacock Costume

Royal Peacock


DIY Peacock Headpiece - Pretty Peacock

Pretty Peacock


Peacocks have been admired for centuries in many different cultures and have earned the reputation for its vibrancy and refinement. In ancient societies, the peacock is associated with kindness, watchfulness and good-will. Today, the peacock remains a symbol of attraction and elegance, which is why so many people love dressing up as them during Halloween. We hope you  found this tutorial easy and informative. There are so many different ways to create this DIY peacock headpiece that we encourage you to go to your local crafts store and see what other treasures you can find. Please let us know in the comments below if you liked this tutorial or if you will be making your own. And as always, we encourage questions and suggestions for other DIYs you would like to see. Check back again next week for more Halloween DIY tutorials!
Feel free to send us pictures of any of our DIY tutorials that you have created via email at, and we may post it up on our Instagram at @ilovesexycom. As Halloween draws closer, we are continuously thinking of ways to make this year’s Halloween fun, flirty and fabulous! Check back again next week for an all new DIY tutorial.

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DIY Choker for Vampire Costumes

Mysterious and beautiful, vampires are the creatures of the night that we both fear and revere. From ancient myths to young adult novels, the legend of the vampire has cemented itself as part of our culture. Whether found in movies, books or television shows, the danger and allure of the vampire is something that we have all fantasized about. Darkness and romance surrounds the vampire and we cannot help but indulge in our intrigue with the enigmatic being. That is why for this week, we decided to go in a different direction. We have ventured to the darker side of Halloween and bring you this captivating DIY choker tutorial that will look amazing with our sexy vampire costumes from our Vampire collection. If you are feeling more scary than sweet this Halloween, then a sexy vampire costume is perfect for you. And if you want to learn how to make this bewitching accessory to go with your vampire costume, then follow along this tutorial. And although it was hard to narrow down our top picks from our Vampire collection, we managed to come out with four of our favorites. So stick around for some spooktacular fun!

DIY Choker - What you will need


What you will need: 

Embroidered lace
Satin ribbon
Brass chain (thin)
Brass jump rings
Hot glue gun


DIY Choker - Step 1

1. Measure your embroidered lace against your neck to determine how much material you need. Use scissors to cut according to the desired size.


DIY Choker - Step 2

2. Cut your ribbon in half.


DIY Choker - Step 3

3. Dispense hot glue to one of the ribbon and attach it to the edge of the lace. Repeat this step for the other side.


DIY Choker - Step 4

4. This is how your DIY choker should look like so far.


DIY Choker - Step 5

5. To attach the broach to the lace, you will want to dispense hot glue in sections to the corners of the broach. Be careful not to burn yourself as the hot glue will heat up the metal on the back of the broach.


DIY Choker - Step 6

6. Open up a jump ring and loop it onto the bottom of the lace. Using pliers or something you can pick up the brass chain with, slide the chain onto the jump ring. Use another jump ring to attach the other side of the chain. Repeat this step for as many chains as you wish to add.


DIY Choker - Finished

And there you have it! While this DIY tutorial was incredibly simple, the finished results certainly do not look like it was done in just six steps. This choker is elegant, glamorous and can be worn with Gothic or Victorian-inspired costumes or outfits for a sexy yet vamp-like look.


DIY Choker - Close up view

And here is a close-up picture of all the materials put together. We feel that the silver broach really helps complement the lace and helps give it its Gothic look. The brass chains add a weathered, Victorian element to the necklace. You can also use silver chains if you prefer a more modern feel to your jewelry.


DIY Choker - On the neck

Putting on the DIY choker is easy and only requires that you tie a nice, neat bow with the ribbon.  You can either wear your hair up or down, but if you really want to show off the DIY choker, then wearing your hair up would definitely draw attention to your neck area. If you are thinking of what to wear with this gorgeous accessory, look no further! Now, we would like to present our top sexy Vampire Costumes for Halloween 2013!


DIY Choker - Transylvania Temptress Costume

Transylvania Temptress

DIY Choker - Bloodsucking Beauty

Bloodsucking Beauty

DIY Choker - Queen of Darkness

Queen of Darkness

DIY Choker - Midnight Mistress

Midnight Mistress 


So what did you think of this week’s DIY tutorial? Was our DIY choker beautiful enough to don for this year’s Halloween? Although vampires exist only in legends and scary stories, they will continue to live through our fantasies and imagination. Only on Halloween are our fantasies allowed to take full bloom and come to life. So if you’ve been dying to be a vampire this Halloween, check out our website for more sexy and spooky choices! Let us know in the comments below what you thought of the tutorial and the costumes we have chosen. And make sure to leave us feedback on what other DIYs you would like to see on our blog.


Don’t forget to send us pictures of any of our DIY tutorials that you have created via email at, and we may post it up on our Instagram at @ilovesexycom. As Halloween draws closer, we are continuously thinking of ways to make this year’s Halloween fun, flirty and fabulous! Check back again next week for an all new DIY tutorial.

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DIY Fascinator for Burlesque Costumes

Entering the world of burlesque is like entering a fantasy world. Dancers tantalize your visual senses with the art of tease and seduction while looking fabulous in leather, fringe and feathers. Burlesque is not so much about about flaunting what you’ve got, but subtly revealing what’s underneath. Sophisticated yet alluring, wild yet coy, burlesque brings the best of both worlds to the stage. And with so many burlesque-inspired costumes and lingerie in our collection, we, at iLoveSexy, cannot help but celebrate the art of burlesque during Halloween season. This week, we bring you a gorgeous DIY fascinator tutorial for pairing with Halloween burlesque costumes. Fascinators have long replaced larger hair apparel such as top hats and wide-brimmed hats and are a fun way to adorn your head with decorative pieces. If you are looking for sexy and elegant look this Halloween, then we have the perfect costumes for you from our amazing Burlesque Collection. So follow along our DIY fascinator tutorial and check out our top four burlesque costume selections towards the end!

DIY Fascinator - What you will need


What you will need: 

Decorative flower
Open netting or tulle
Hot glue gun


DIY Fascinator - Step 1

1. Trim your feathers as needed, depending on the size you want them to be.


DIY Fascinator - Step 2

2. After you have your feather trimmed to the size you want, take your felt and cut a small half circle to lay against the feather. This will be the base you glue your feathers to.


DIY Fascinator - Step 3

3. Take your hot glue gun and dispense a small amount to the back of the felt. Press it against the feather until you know that the glue has dried.


DIY Fascinator - Step 4

4. Starting at one of the corners of the netting, cut a small piece along the material, making sure to cut at a curve.


DIY Fascinator - Step 5

5. Gather the netting at the corner and twist the material a few times towards the middle. Tie a knot at the end to create this shape.


DIY Fascinator - Step 6

6. Glue the netting onto the felt, making sure that the knot area is attached securely.


DIY Fascinator - Step 7

7. Dispense hot glue onto the flower and attach it to the back of the netting.


DIY Fascinator - Step 8

8. If you’d like, you can attach additional feathers to the back of the netting and small pearls to the front of the flower. This set is optional but we felt that this really helped give the decorative flower volume and dimension.


DIY Fascinator - Step 9

9. Dispense hot glue onto the headband and press the decorative flower piece against it until you know that the glue has dried.


DIY Fascinator - Finished

And now, your DIY fascinator is complete! These steps we took to create this gorgeous headpiece were incredibly easy and straightforward and don’t take that much effort to put together. You can create your DIY fascinator in many different ways by adding rhinestones, different colored flowers and netting to match whatever outfit you plan to wear. And here’s a little secret about this DIY fascinator–it can be worn in two different ways, depending on which look you would like to sport.


DIY Fascinator - Worn in the back

You can wear the DIY fascinator with the feather and netting pointing towards the back of your head for a sophisticated and elegant burlesque look. This headpiece does look quite posh, doesn’t it?


DIY Fascinator - Worn in the front

Or you can wear it with the feather and tulle facing towards the front a more dark, mysterious and Gothic burlesque look. The gorgeous, soft feather and netting that grazes your hair will subtly bring attention to your eyes. Which look do you prefer? Either way looks incredibly gorgeous, and we just can’t decide on which one we would go with. To help make your decision easier, let’s take a look at some of our Burlesque showstoppers for the upcoming Halloween!


DIY Fascinator - Burlesque Beauty Costume

Burlesque Beauty

DIY Fascinator - French Can Can Dancer

French Can Can Dancer

DIY Fascinator - Naughty In Paris

Naughty In Paris

DIY Fascinator - Speak Easy Saloon Girl

Speak Easy Saloon Girl


Burlesque is all about fantasy and transformation, and what better time to transform into  your own fantasy than Halloween? For those of you who love to dance and perform, these burlesque dancer costumes are the perfect outfit. Pair any of these amazing costumes with the DIY fascinator and you will command the attention of the entire room at your upcoming Halloween party. And if  you want to take a look at more choices, head on over to our website to check out more options in our Burlesque Costume Collection.  So what did you think of this tutorial? Was it easy enough to follow along? And are you in love with any of these costumes? We greatly value your feedback so don’t forget to send us some love in the form of comments, questions or suggestions!


Send us pictures of any of our DIY tutorials that you have created via email at, and we may post it up on our Instagram at @ilovesexycom. As Halloween draws closer, we are continuously thinking of ways to make this year’s Halloween fun, flirty and fabulous! Check back again next week for an all new DIY tutorial.

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DIY Lace Bunny Ears for Halloween Bunny Costumes

Want to have a fun and frisky Halloween this year? Bunny costumes have always been a popular favorite among customers and this year is no different. When we think of bunny costumes, we think of Playboy, Las Vegas  and all the glamour that goes along with it. Putting together a bunny costume for Halloween is simple and straight-forward. However, we at iLoveSexy decided to kick things up a notch this year. Instead of keeping the standard bunny ears that come with every costume, we wanted to create our own bunny ears with a modern twist. Lace bunny ears have made headlines over the past couple of years. From Lady Gaga to the Olsen Twins, it seems as though everyone wants a piece of these lace bunny ears. That’s why for this week’s DIY, we bring you our very own DIY lace bunny ears tutorial for you! Quick and easy to do, these lace bunny ears are flirty yet elegant, and will definitely be a hit at Halloween parties. All eyes will be on you and every girl is going to want to know where you got them. The best part? Because they look so amazing, no one will believe that you hand-crafted them yourself! So if you’re confident enough to rock a bunny costume this year, then let’s get started on these DIY Lace Bunny Ears! And as always, we have compiled our top recommendations from our Bunny Costume Collection to pair perfectly with these ears for your consideration. Here goes!

DIY Lace Bunny Ears - What you will need


What you will need: 

Thick floral wire
Hot glue
Tacky glue
Wire cutters
Needle and thread


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 1

1. Measure out the desired shape of your bunny ears on the floral wire. Bend the floral wire according to the shape and use a wire cutter to cut them. Make sure to leave one end of the floral wire long enough to coil later.

DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 2

2. Using pliers, twist one end of the wire to the other end, wrapping around tightly to form the shape of the bunny ear.


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 3

4. Use pliers to create a coil on the long end of the wire. Wrap the wire around several times to make a sturdy and flat coil.


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 5

5. This is how your bunny ears should look like so far.


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 6

6. Cut out a large piece of lace and lay it on top of the floral wire.


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 8

7. Use a needle and thread to sew the lace onto the wire. Try to keep the threads close together to avoid bunching the lace.


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 8

8. After you have finished sewing your lace to the wire, knot it securely. Use scissors to cut off the excess lace.


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 9

9. This is how your lace bunny ears should look like so far. Aren’t they simply adorable?


DIY Bunny Ears - Step 10

10. Attach your bunny ears to the headband by applying hot glue onto the coil you created earlier and pressing it to the headband. Hold it there for about thirty seconds or until you know the hot glue has dried.


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Step 11

11. This next step is optional, but to imitate the fluffiness of bunnies, we decided to add a few feathers to the bottom of the ears. We cut some black feathers into clusters and used hot glue to attach them.


DIY Lace Bunny Ears - Finished Product

And there you have it!  Now you have your very own pair of DIY lace bunny ears to go with any Halloween bunny costumes. Whether you choose to buy a costume or put one together yourself, these DIY lace bunny ears are chic enough to pair with them. And this accessory is not just limited to black lace. You can use any colored lace to create these bunny ears, just as long as you use the same colored thread. For a sweet and innocent look, white or pink colors would look divine. And if you want to go trendy, you could go with mint-colored bunny ears. Or if you prefer to go down a more eclectic route, you can even use bright colors such as neon pink or purple. We love the bunny costumes in our collection, and we just can’t help but share a few ideas that would make for a very fun and flirty Halloween. So let’s take a look at our top picks for the year!


Sexy Club Bunny Costume

Sexy Club Bunny

Sexy Bunny Costume

Sexy Bunny

Bombshell Bunny

Bombshell Bunny

Tux & Tails Bunny Costume

Tux & Tails Bunny


Although times have changed since the glitz and glam of the 1960s Playboy Club, the allure of a woman in the bunny costume still stands to this day. Are you in love with any of these? We can’t help but noticing just how enchanting our DIY Lace Bunny Ears would look with any of them. Whether you are looking for a vintage bunny look or a modern bunny look, these bunny ears make the perfect accessory and can be worn in so many different ways. We would love to know yours as well, so please leave us some love in the form of comments, questions or suggestions. We have been working hard to come up with the most fun, creative and easy tutorials to help get you prepped for a very sexy Halloween! So check back again next week for more DIY tutorials! You just might find something that you want to create.


Don’t forget to share the amazing Halloween DIYs you have come up with. Send us pictures of any of our DIY tutorials that you have done via email at, and we may post it up on our Instagram at @ilovesexycom.

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