Top 10 Stylish Thigh Highs

Spring is fast approaching and it is right between the transitional period when the weather can sometimes be a little bipolar. So while it is too hot to be wearing long pants and jeans, it may also be too cold to be sporting only a pair of shorts. The perfect solution is to pair your outfit with some stockings or thigh highs to provide your legs with a little extra warmth. Finding fashionable and unique pairs can sometimes prove to be difficult; however, this week we will show you that you won’t have to settle for just a plain pair of black tights. iLoveSexy has many to choose from at the most affordable prices!

Whether you need a pair of thigh highs to stay warm for the weather’s sake or simply because you love working them into your outfit, they are a great accessory to style. Thigh highs can just be another part of the outfit, but for some, they can be the statement piece while keeping everything else understated. The possibilities are endless. We hope you have found your favorites from our collection. Let us know which ones they are and as usual comment below if you have any questions, suggestions, or other favorites from our website that you’d like to share.

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Fashion Blogger Challenge – Tori from Fashion, Trends & More

Those of you who are familiar with our blog know how much we’ve been looking forward to the spring. Since we hail from the West Coast, it never stays cold for too long and sometimes we forget exactly what season it is. However, in some parts of the United States, winter is still in full swing and it can get difficult to look chic in cold, snowy weather. While some of us choose to bundle up in heavy coats and layers, others may wish to go for a more fashionable route. That’s why at iLoveSexy Blog, we are sharing another Fashion Blogger Challenge on how to rock the perfect winter-to-spring transition outfit. Our Fashion Blogger Challenges are designed to help inspire our readers to style trendy outfits using different items from our website. And this week, we will be featuring Tori from Fashion Trends & More. A stylish Philly girl, Tori has put together a gorgeous black ensemble with our Polka Dot Thigh Highs. For more information on how she styled this outfit, please check out her blog post and all the other gorgeous outfits she’s styled.

fashion blogger challenge


Who says you can’t go bare in the winter? Tori originally styled this outfit for a Valentine’s Day date night, but this outfit works wonderfully for both winter and spring as well. Straying away from the usual red and pink hues found on the romantic holiday, she decided to go with an all-black outfit instead. And why not? Black is classy and always in style and she keeps it interesting by keeping the focus on the polka-dots. The vintage Doc Martens give this outfit its casual feel while the lace socks adds that little touch of romance. And of course, don’t you just love that extra pop of red on her lips? We sure do!


What do you think of Tori’s outfit? How would you style the polka-dot thigh highs for your own outfit? Share your thoughts, questions and comments with us in the comment box below. For more fashion inspiration and trend reports, please pay a visit to Tori’s blog and leave her some love.

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DIY Patterned Tights

Can you believe Christmas is in few days? We’ve been getting into the holiday spirit since the beginning of December and we definitely can’t wait to celebrate one of our favorite holidays. Everyone is as busy as ever preparing for celebrations, parties and gatherings and it can be difficult to get all of your Christmas shopping done in one piece. Are you in need of any last minute Christmas gifts for your friends? If you’re short on time and want to save some money, we have just the thing for you in this week’s DIY! Patterned tights have been all the rage during this year’s fall and winter fashion trends, from celebrities to fashion bloggers sporting them. However, as popular as they are, they can be difficult to find even in the most popular retail stores. That’s why this week, at iLoveSexy, we came up with a quick and easy DIY patterned tights tutorial that you do at home. These would make a lovely Christmas gift to your fashionista friends, or you can even gift them to yourself as a special holiday treat. All you need is a pair of sheer pantyhose, which you can find in our Hosiery Collection. If you don’t want to do pantyhose, you can also do this DIY tutorial on thigh highs or knee highs. This tutorial is designed to go by quickly for those of you who are trying to make it just in time for Christmas, so let’s dive right in!

DIY Patterned Tights - What you will need


What you will need:

A pair of sheer tights or pantyhose
Fabric paint
Small paintbrush
Post-it notes or small pieces of paper


DIY Patterned Tights - Step 1

1. Cut out your desired shape onto the post-it notes, creating stencils that you can paint on top of.


DIY Patterned Tights - Step 2

2. Place the stencil on top of the area you wish to paint your pattern. We chose to paint above the knee, but you can place your pattern in any area, such as along the ankle, up the calf or behind the thighs.


DIY Patterned Tights - Step 3

3. Take a paintbrush and use fabric paint to fill in the space inside the stencil. You can go back and fill in any uneven sides if needed.


DIY Patterned Tights - Finished1

And now you’re finished! Don’t the stars simply look festive for the holidays? You can get as creative as you’d like with these DIY patterned tights. Stars, hearts, birds or anything that makes a lovely silhouette will look amazing on these tights. Patterned tights are popular because they are eye-catching and really show off a great pair of legs. Pair these DIY patterned tights with a lovely A-line skirt or high-waist shorts and everyone will be seeing stars as you walk by!


DIY Patterned Tights - Finished2

Whether you choose to celebrate with your family, friends or loved ones, there’s no denying that this Christmas is going to be a good one. To us, Christmas is not so much about receiving the hottest gifts off the market, but more about making the season special for those you care about. And what better way to show ¬†your love than to make your own gifts? We come up with weekly DIYs to help make crafting an easy and fun experience for you, but we also do them in hopes that you can create something special that you or a loved one can cherish. Will you be making these DIY patterned tights for someone? We would love to hear what they thought of your gift. So leave us some love in the comment box below with your questions, comments and suggestions for the new year! We will be back next week with a new tutorial, so check us out soon. Happy holidays!

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