DIY Sailor Bracelet for Halloween Sailor Costumes

Anchors away! The Halloween ship may be ready to set sail soon, so it’s time to finalize your Halloween costumes and gather your costume accessories. Sailor costumes are always popular among our customers and continue to be one of our  best-selling categories. So what is about the sailor costume that makes us all swoon? Perhaps we all share a thirst for adventure and what better place to experience it than out at sea? Looking absolutely adorable in the sailor outfit doesn’t hurt either. This week at iLoveSexy, we bring you this creative DIY sailor bracelet tutorial, fashioned after the Turk’s Head knot commonly found in nautical-inspired jewelry. The Turks Head knot was created by sailors who trying to pass the time during their long journeys out at sea. Eventually, they became known as good luck charms. Whether you want to make this DIY sailor bracelet as an accessory for your Halloween sailor costume or for a friend to wish them good luck, this tutorial is fun, affordable and easy to follow along. If you need any last minute costume ideas to go with this amazing piece, then stick around for our favorite costume selections from our Sailor Costume Collection.

DIY Sailor Bracelet - What you will need

What you will need:

All-purpose clothesline cord or macrame cord
Liquid dye
Shallow dish/plate
Hot glue gun

DIY Sailor Bracelet - Step 1

1. Wrap the cord around the cylinder and create an “X” shape.


DIY Sailor Bracelet - Step 1

2. Bring the free end of the cord around and weave it over the bottom right strand. Then bring it over and under the top right strand.


DIY Sailor Bracelet - Step 3

3. Weave the free end of the cord under the right strand and over the left strand.

DIY Sailor Bracelet - Step 4

4. Move the top left strand over the top right strand to create an open oval.


DIY Sailor Bracelet - Step 5

5. Weave the free end of the cord under the left strand and then over the right strand.

DIY Sailor Bracelet - Step 6

6. Continue repeating steps 4 and 5 around the entire bracelet. You should see a braid pattern forming as you continue to weave.


DIY Sailor Bracelet - Step 7

7. Once you have weaved all the way around, follow the first strand around and weave using the under and over technique in steps 4 and 5.


DIY Sailor Bracelet - Step 8

8. Take the bracelet off the cylinder once it has become too tight to weave. Continue working around the bracelet using the under and over technique.


DIY Sailor Bracelet - Step 9

9. Use the under and over technique and weave it through the closest oval on your side until you make your way around the entire bracelet.


DIY Sailor Bracelet - Step 10

10. This is how your bracelet should look so far. Repeat this step around the bracelet as many times as you would like. The more times you weave around the bracelet, the thicker it will be.


DIY Sailor Bracelet - Step 11

11. Take your two ends and weave them into the inside of the bracelet.


DIY Sailor Bracelet - Step 12

12. Tightly tie the two ends into a knot. Cut the two cords so that there isn’t any string sticking out of the bracelet.


DIY Sailor Bracelet - Step 13

13. Use hot glue to secure the ends to the inside of the bracelet and to make sure that they don’t fray.


DIY Sailor Bracelet - Step 14

14. This is how the DIY sailor bracelet should look after you have finished with the weaving. You can leave this as it is if you prefer to wear it like this, but feel free to add any charms or decorations as well.


DIY Sailor Bracelet - Step 14

15. To go along with this year’s ombre trend, we decided to have a little fun with dip-dye. If you wish to create an ombre dip dye effect, then dispense a small amount of dip dye onto a plate.


DIY Sailor Bracelet - Step 16

16. Hold the bracelet and quickly dip your bracelet into the dye, removing it after a few seconds. Be careful not to leave the bracelet in the dye for too long, as the material absorbs the dye rather quickly and can end up coloring the entire piece. Repeat this step several more times until you reach the gradient you want.


DIY Sailor Bracelet - Finished

Add a nautical charm such as an anchor and then you’re done! We know beginning the task of all the braiding and knotting can appear complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite simple. You can leave the DIY sailor bracelet on its own without dip-dying it for a classic look. Or you can use another color of dip-dye of your choice to create the look that you want. And while we are all done with the tutorial, the nautical fun does not end just yet! Let’s take a look at some gorgeous sailor costumes you can pair with this DIY sailor bracelet.


DIY Sailor Bracelet - Naught Sailor Costume

Naughty Sailor

DIY Sailor Bracelet - Sequin Sailor

Sequin Sailor

DIY Sailor Bracelet - High Seas Honey

High Seas Honey

DIY Sailor Bracelet - Rockin' The Boat

Rockin’ The Boat

Sailing the seven seas has never looked more fabulous with this DIY sailor bracelet and our sailor costumes to match! When worn together, the entire outfit looks fun, flirty and will have all the boys saying, “Ahoy there!” We hope you found this tutorial helpful and easy enough to follow along. This gorgeous accessory can not only be worn with Halloween costumes but also as a statement piece for your own everyday wear. So let us know if you decide to make your own DIY sailor bracelet using our tutorial. And share your thoughts in the comments below what you thought of this DIY tutorial. Check back again next week for more DIY fun!
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