White Wonderland Rave Outfits

Alas 2014 is coming to an end, which means New Year’s Eve celebrations are in the making. Everyone is planning out what to do to experience the last moments of this year, and in recent years a very popular way to countdown is to attend one of the many raves. This week we’re going to be focusing on one of our very favorites that is also local to us: White Wonderland by Insomniac. This rave is an all white themed event, and we decided to put together a little rave outfit guide for those who are shopping for their perfect outfit.

White Wonderland Rave Outfits

 (Left to Right: RC3071RC3094RC3110RC3098RC3112)

While some opt to create extravagant rave bras and such for their outfits, not everyone is that crafty . So we picked out a few of our favorite white items from our rave section that is Winter Wonderland appropriate. The first two are one piece rompers / monokini pieces that would layer great with a white tutu over the hips. For a little more coverage and security while dancing hard during the night, one pieces are always your best bet. As for the rest, they are bikini sets that can be mixed or matched or worn alone. The bikini bottoms can be switched out for regular or high waisted shorts. In addition, some of these outfits come embellished with rhinestones so for those who like a little bit of bedazzle to glisten under the lights, they will find these to be the perfect median between simple and flashy.


 (Left to Right: 266890999037, RCSH3122)

In other related accessories, we also have white tutus, stockings, and high waisted shorts for those who only need some finishing touches to complete their outfit.

In sunny California, snow is scarce and a white Christmas does not exist. That is why White Wonderland is such a magical event. It puts attendees in a sea of white with epic music and epic thrills on New Year’s Eve. It is certainly an experience one would never forget, and looking good could never be so important!

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