Sexy School Girl Costumes Rule Halloween 2013

A little bit naughty, a little bit innocent–that is what the sexy school girl is all about. Ever since  Britney Spears burst onto the pop music scene back in the 90s, every woman wanted to channel her inner school girl. With short, plaid skirts, crisp white shirts and knee high socks, sexy school girl costumes are playful yet seductive and always get an A plus with all the boys. We all have a little bit of a sexy school girl in us and what better time to express it than during Halloween?  With so many costumes to choose from, having to narrow it down to just one or two choices may seem daunting. However, here at  iLoveSexy, we offer thousands of costumes in many different categories, making it easy for you to make your selection. As one of our hottest, best-selling categories, our School Girl Collection boasts a wide array of costumes, perfect for all your party needs. To give customers an idea of the gorgeous outfits we carry in our collection, we have decided to share them with you. For additional outfits, stick around towards the end of the post for a special slideshow!

Classic School Girl
Classic School Girl

Nothing quite beats the classics, does it? This Classic School Girl costume is simple yet irresistibly flirty and will certainly earn you some extra credit.  Featuring a stretchable, tie-front, midriff top and frisky little skirt, this sexy school girl costume is sure to turn heads inside and outside the classroom. Don this outfit at any Halloween event and no one would be able to resist spending a little extra time in detention with you.

School Girl Tease

School Girl Tease

The School Girl Tease costume is the perfect little outfit for all the rebels out there. For those who want to unleash their inner bad girl this Halloween, this outfit is for those who aren’t afraid to break the rules in the classroom. This costume features a black, tie-front midriff top with a pink plaid collar and a matching pink, plaid skirt. Would you dare to rock this outfit?


Business School Girl Costume

Business School Girl

Smart and sexy never looked better with this lovely Business School Girl costume. For those who want to go for a more sophisticated yet unique route, this outfit is perfection. Featuring a short-sleeve mini dress with attached suspenders and a matching necktie, this costume really lets customers get down to business. Work your magic in this costume at any Halloween event and we can assure you, all eyes will be on you.


Did you like any of these costumes? Add some knee high socks and closed-toed heels to these sexy school girl costumes, and you’re all set to teach the lesson in how to be sexy. And these costumes don’t just end here since they are only a few of the selections in our catalog. Check out this video for an even bigger peek into our School Girl Collection!


So what will it be? Do you want to play a good girl or a bad girl this year? What was your favorite of the sexy school girl costumes featured in this blog post? Just because school is no longer in session doesn’t mean that you can’t look as charmingly sexy as a school girl. The sexy school girl will continue to be one of Halloween’s most popular costumes for many years to come and are always a hit both inside and outside of Halloween events. Take a look around our website at for more information on our many costume collections. We guarantee you that you will find something that looks too cool for school and perfect for your next Halloween party.

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