Sexy Pirate Costumes for a Jolly Halloween 2013

With an abundance of movies and books coming out over the past few years, pirates have never been more prominent in popular culture. Although most only exist in lore and legends, most of us cannot resist a good pirate story.  With incredible tales of hidden treasure, ghost ships and sea monsters, pirates represent the desire for thrills and adventures that most of us can only dream of. Halloween is the one time of the year where everyone can indulge in their fantasies and that includes transforming into the sword-wielding swashbuckler they all wish to be.  And here at iLoveSexy, our Pirate Collection offers over seventy selections to choose from, making it one of our largest categories on our dynamic website. With so many choices for sexy pirate costumes, there is truly something for each customer. That’s why we have compiled our top picks for sexy pirate costumes for this year’s Halloween. And for even more gorgeous options, you won’t want to miss our amazing slideshow at the end of our blog entry!

Sexy Pirate Costumes - Pirate Beauty Costume

Pirate Beauty

A classic pirate costume at its best, the Pirate Beauty outfit is fierce, daring and worthy of captaining her own ship. Complete with an open-front bustle dress and corset detailing, this outfit is for no ordinary tavern wench. The costume set also includes a striped mini underskirt for a hint of peek-a-boo action and glimmering skull belt, for a sexy yet commanding look.  With this costume, you will look like you are ready to sail the seven seas!


Sexy Pirate Costumes - Pirates of the Caribbean Costume

Pirates of the Caribbean

For the most dangerous pirates of them all, those who wear our infamous Pirates of the Caribbean costume are sure to make it into legends and storybooks. Featuring a form-flattering brocade corset with a lace under-dress and thigh highs, this outfit is criminally sexy and perfect for looting ships. Are you savvy enough to wear this at your next Halloween event?


Sexy Pirate Costumes - Spanish Pirate

Spanish Pirate

And for those who have a thirst for adventure, our Spanish Pirate costume is every bit as romantic as it is bold. Whether you’re hunting for treasure or fighting off sea monsters, this alluring costume has it all. This costume set offers a lovely sweetheart neckline dress with gold ribbon lacing, an attached black and gold vest, flouncy flared skirt and buckled belt. And best of all, it also includes a cheeky feathered hat, detachable ruffled sleeves, belt and pouch. Complete your costume by brandishing a sword and you’ll be the bonniest lass at any Halloween party!


So what did you think of these sexy pirate costumes? Do any of them make you wish to dress up as a charming buccaneer this year? Personally, we just can’t get enough of these outfits, which is why we are also adding our Sexy Pirate Costume video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


Lethal, vicious yet bewitching, the female pirate is sure to stand out at any Halloween event. Not only is she known as a brilliant navigator of the high seas, she is also unapologetic and takes what she wants from the world. Having an enormous beard isn’t a requirement for being the baddest pirate this Halloween. All you need is one of these enchanting sexy pirate costumes and a sword to look like the most captivating ruffian anyone has ever seen. Browse around our website at for even more sexy pirate costume choices and other collections as well. What will be your adventure this Halloween?

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