Valentine’s Day Fashion Blogger Challenge–Maggie from Love Mavin

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is next week? In the midst of all the excitement surrounding the hallmark holiday, we could not be more ecstatic to unveil yet another new series for iLoveSexy Blog. Those of you who follow us on social media know that we are huge fans of fashion and follow style trends fairly regularly. One trend that has risen to prominence over the years is incorporating lingerie into everyday wear. With how forward fashion has come, lingerie does not only belong in the bedroom any longer. That’s why we have been asking bloggers and fashionistas to join our Fashion Blogger Challenge and style an outfit, using items from our website. This is a fun way to see the many different ways people interpret lingerie outside of an intimate setting. So without further ado, we would like to welcome our very first blogger who partook in our Fashion Blogger Challenge, Maggie from Love Mavin. Check out her post on how she styled the Be Mine Lace Floral Teddy!

fashion blogger challenge - 1


 For a date night with her boyfriend, Maggie decided to go with a flirty yet classy peek-a-boo concept and layer the teddy underneath a stylish button-down dress. Perfect for those who want to straddle the line between conservative and sexy, this outfit makes for a fun date and leaves a little to the imagination. When it comes to layering, you can go one of two ways–tight fitting or loose-fitting. For example, tight-fitting would be pairing this teddy with a structured blazer. And loose-fitting would be what Maggie has done by incorporating dark chiffon material against the lace, giving it a great feminine touch.


fashion blogger challenge - 1

And you know what the best part about layering stylish pieces over lingerie? How alluring it is to slowly unveil those layers to reveal what’s underneath. Sometimes, more really is less. At least until the end of the night. Maggie was very pleased to tell us that this was boyfriend-approved. So ladies, take notes!
What did you think of Maggie’s outfit? Did you like the lingerie that she chose? How would you have styled the teddy? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out her blog for more fashion and beauty updates. And check back again for more Fashion Blogger Challenge posts and learn how many other ways you can style lingerie into your everyday wardrobe!

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DIY Burlesque Lingerie: Fringe Bra Tutorial

Blurring the lines between sexy and raunchy, there is something so sensual and elegant about burlesque that has continued to captivate audiences even today. Beautiful women, clad in lingerie, tantalize and entrance a crowd through the art of dance, comedy and most of all, tease. Their beautifully erotic costumes are meant to appeal to the senses and give just a hint of imagination of what’s underneath. While satin, lace and bows are just among a few items used in constructing their outfits, the fringe bra has been widely popularized in burlesque theater and gives off a sexy and flirtatious vibe, reminiscent of the cheeky 1920’s flapper era. Adding fringe to your bra will add a fun, retro and enticing playfulness, worthy of any boudoir style photo shoot or even just for a fun lingerie party.  If you’ve ever wondered how to make a fringe bra, look no further! This DIY Fringe Bra tutorial is a quick, simple and affordable way to channel your inner burlesque showgirl without having to drop the big bucks on a fancy, expensive bra. And best of all, you can make fringe items out of just about any lingerie you have lying around. Keep on reading to find out how!


DIY Fringe Bra: What you will need


What you will need: 

1-2 yards of fringe (depending on your bra size)
Small bow
Hot glue gun


DIY Fringe Bra: Step 1

1. Cut your fringe into 1-inch to 1.5 inch sections. That way, will be easier to glue your pieces of fringe onto your bra in a precise, uniform fashion.


DIY Fringe Bra: Step 2

2. After you have finished cutting your pieces of fringe, make sure none of the the sections have loose threads or loose pieces of fringe. If they do, cut them off.


DIY Fringe Bra: Step 3

3. We’re going to glue two layers of fringe, one on top of the other. To make things easier, we will start with the bottom layer. Measure about a half-inch from the top of the bra to gauge where you will be gluing your fringe.


DIY Fringe Bra: Step 4

 4. Heat up your glue gun and place the hot glue along the thread.


DIY Fringe Bra: Step 5

5. Press the fringe against the bra and hold it there for 30 seconds or until you know the fringe is securely glued on. Be careful not to burn your hands!


DIY Fringe Bra: Step 6

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have glued your fringe from one end of the cup to the other.


DIY Fringe Bra: Step 7

7. Begin gluing your second layer of fringe, this time on the top of the cup. Make sure the top layer of fringe covers the bottom layer just enough so about half an inch of the bottom fringe is peeking from underneath.


DIY Fringe Bra: Step 8

8. Repeat step 4 and 5 for the top layer. It should look something like this when you have finished gluing the top layer. Can’t you just see the burlesque magic already?


DIY Fringe Bra: Step 9

9. After you have finished both cups, the fringe bra should look like this. You can add one layer instead of two but personally, we like how voluminous and flouncy the bra looks with two layers.



10. You can stop at Step 9 if you’d like, but we felt like adding a little extra something. Since the black bow that this bra came with seemed to get swallowed in all that red fringe, we cut it off. Instead, we took a simple red bow and hot-glued it to the center of the bra.


DIY Fringe Bra

Ta-da! As you can see, the small red bow adds the final touch, drawing attention to the center and adding an overall balance to the fringe bra. You can add whatever you like to the bra, whether it be additional ribbons, rhinestones or lace. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Whatever you think will help bring out the burlesque side in you. 😉


DIY Fringe Bra: Side view

And this completes our DIY Burlesque Lingerie tutorial for the week. What did you think? Was it easy enough to follow along? Will you be making your own burlesque fringe bra? We find that the beauty of burlesque is that it’s all about embracing your feminine side.  Burlesque doesn’t have to be overtly risqué, just sensual enough to find the confidence within you to be a little more wild and daring. So if you’re looking for a fun, DIY project that is sure to spice up your lingerie drawer, try out this fringe bra tutorial and let us know what you think!

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