DIY Lace Crown for Halloween Princess Costumes

Once upon a time, we, at iLoveSexy, wanted to grant the wishes of all women, young and old, and dreamed of an enchanting tutorial for this week’s DIY. Have you ever wanted to transform into a princess from a kingdom far, far away? Although princesses exist only in our favorite fairy tales, that does not mean that you cannot dress up as one for Halloween. A beautiful princess dress deserves an equally beautiful crown to match, and for this week, we bring you a fun and updated version of this gorgeous accessory. Simply made with a little lace, glitter and ribbons, this DIY lace crown is affordable and easy to put together. And best of all, decorating the DIY lace crown is all up to your imagination. Princesses are all about glamour and beauty, which is why we encourage you to go a little crazy on the glitter and sparkles. We also have a special treat for you this week with our lovely
Princess Costume Collection and Fairytale Costume Collection. Our top picks are sure to have your Prince Charming at your doorstep on Halloween night. So stick around and find out how to make this gorgeous DIY lace crown to go with your princess costume

DIY Lace Crown - What you will need


What you will need:

Faux flowers
Mod Podge
Fabric stiffener
Gold spray paint
Fine gold glitter
Green glitter glue
Hot glue gun


DIY Lace Crown - Step 1

1. Measure how much lace you wish to use in your crown and cut it accordingly. Put some gloves on and dispense fabric stiffener onto a plate or shallow container. Coat the lace generously with the fabric stiffener, making sure to get an even coat on both sides.


DIY Lace Crown - Step 2

2. Take a rounded, cylindrical container and cover it with plastic wrap. Wrap the lace around the container and hold it in place with a clip. Wait around thirty minutes to an hour for the fabric stiffener to completely dry.


DIY Lace Crown - Step 3

3. When the fabric stiffener has dried, gently peel the crown away from the plastic wrap. Use hot glue to attach the ends of the lace together, forming the crown.


DIY Lace Crown - Step 4

4. This is how your DIY lace crown should look like so far.


DIY Lace Crown - Step 5

5. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the crown. You can use one to two coats, depending on how evenly the spray paint has dried.


DIY Lace Crown - Step 6

6. In a small cup, mix a generous amount of the fine gold glitter with some Mod Podge.


DIY Lace Crown - Step 6

7. Brush the Mod Podge mixture onto the front of the crown. Don’t worry about the coloring of the mixture, since the Mod Podge will dry clear.


DIY Lace Crown - Step 7

8. Place the crown onto the container you used earlier. This step is not mandatory but this helps the lace crown maintain its shape while it’s drying.


DIY Lace Crown - Step 8

9. Look how sparkling and glitzy the crown looks with the coat of Mod Podge with glitter! Now we can get started on decorating.

DIY Lace Crown - Step 9

10. Use hot glue to attach the ribbon all around the crown. Dispense the hot glue in sections to make sure all ribbon is attached securely.


DIY Lace Crown - Step 10

11. This is how the crown should look like so far. You can add more decorations from here or stop at this step.


DIY Lace Crown - Step 11

12. Take your faux flowers and remove them from the stem.


DIY Lace Crown - Step 12

13. Cut the stems as closely to the  flower as possible, so that it will be easier to glue them flat against the crown.


DIY Lace Crown - Step 13

14. Apply the green glitter glue to wherever you would like on your flower. To keep it simple and to add some contrast to our crown, we placed the glitter glue at the center of the flower.


DIY Lace Crown - Step 14

15. Hot glue the flowers to the crown. You can use position them wherever you like and add as many as you desire.


DIY Lace Crown - Finished

Doesn’t it look simply regal? A crown fit for a beautiful princess, this DIY lace crown is breathtakingly bedazzled and will surely make you the belle of the ball. You can create different crowns with many other colors, such as pink, green and even mint green for a lovely modern take on this DIY. Since it was so easy to do, you can even make more for your friends or as party favors. Surely, everyone will appreciate being a princess for a day! If you wish to become a princess for a day on Halloween, then let’s take a look at some of our favorite princess costume selections for the year!

DIY Lace Crown - Fairytale Princess Costume

Fairytale Princess

DIY Lace Crown - Belle of the Ball Costume

Belle of the Ball

DIY Lace Crown - Sleeping Princess Costume

Sleeping Princess


DIY Lace Crown - Midnight Magic Princess

Midnight Magic Princess

So what did you think of this week’s DIY tutorial? Are you a fan of this DIY lace crown? Will you be creating your own before Halloween night or for a costume party in the future? We truly hope you do, because we know that this DIY lace crown will be such a hit among friends. At iLoveSexy, we believe that every woman is a princess on the inside, and that it should be celebrated. So why not celebrate during Halloween? For more of our costume collections, check out the rest of our website. Let us know if you have any comments, questions or suggestions for us in the comment box below! We would love your feedback on any other DIY tutorials you would like to see in the near future.

Don’t forget to send us pictures of any of our DIY tutorials that you have created via email at, and we may post it up on our Instagram at @ilovesexycom. As Halloween draws closer, we are continuously thinking of ways to make this year’s Halloween fun, flirty and fabulous! Check back again next week for an all new DIY tutorial.

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