How To Pick A Pair of Flattering Hosiery

Hosiery, as one can see from our website iLoveSexy, has many different varieties. There are many patterns, colors, and lengths and it can get very overwhelming. Choosing a pair that matches your outfit is one thing, but one that will make your legs look its best is another story. Everyone wants legs that look like the ones those models have on the covers of magazines or celebrities on the red carpet. Most people can only wish and hope, while they become insecure about the little imperfections of their own. However, there ARE ways to flatter your natural legs and today we will teach you how to address the top 3 issues and create the illusion of beautiful legs with a just few simple tips.

How To Pick A Pair of Flattering Hosiery



My legs are very skinny. I want to make them look less scrawny and more healthy.
If your legs are naturally very skinny, and you want them to appear less so, try printed tights. A general rule is any type of prints minus vertical stripes will add volume. The prints will break up the attention of the eyes and pull them away from the narrow lines of your legs.

I have short legs, and I want to make them appear longer.
If your legs are on the shorter side, elongate them by wearing patterns with vertical lines. Vertical lines draws the eyes up and down making legs appear longer than they actually are. These can either be just simple vertical lines or a pair of ribbed tights that are more subtle.

My legs are stubby and have trouble areas of fat. I want them to appear long and lean.
If you want to make your legs appear leaner along with longer, then a solid color is the way to go. As opposed to wearing vertical stripes, solid colors are less distracting. When paired with a pair of shoes that are the same color, your legs will look long and lean because your foot and leg will appear like one connected line.

Depending on what issues you have with your own legs, you can choose a pair accordingly. Don’t be discouraged that your legs do not look perfect. Just like there are ways to dress slimmer, there are ways to create illusions with the leg as well.




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Hosiery Terminology: A Guide To Understanding Stockings

Whether you wearing stockings or not on a normal basis, shopping for a pair of them can sometimes be a little tricky. Finding the right cut, material, thickness are all key things in a perfect pair. The more you know the easier it will be to identify exactly what you are looking for. Today we will explain to you the popular terms used in hosiery so on your next stockings shopping trip you will not have to worry about purchasing the wrong pair.




  1. Cuban Heel – A stocking with a heel sewn into the back seam for reinforcement.
  2. Back Seam – A seam that runs vertically down the back center of the garment.
  3. Fishnet – Hosiery with a diamond shaped, open knit resembling the pattern on a fishnet
  4. Fencenet – Similar to fishnets, but the patter is wider. Sometimes worn over other stockings.
  5. Opaque – Stockings which have greater than 40 denier. Provides more coverage of the leg.
  6. Sheer – Stockings that are more thin and see through. Has typically less than 40 denier.
  7. Stay-Ups – Also known as holdups. Stockings that are held up by a silicone or elastic band. Often a wide lace band.
  8. Stirrups – Stockings that taper at the ankle with an extra band that extends under the arch of the foot.
  9. Garter Belts – Used to hold up and keep stockings in place when a stay up not available. Usually contains 4 straps.
  10. Legwarmers – Coverings for the lower leg that are footless. Usually made of thick knit to retain warmth.
  11. Knee-Highs – Stockings that go up to the knee or right below the knee.
  12. Thigh-Highs – Stockings that go up to the mid-thigh or pass the knee.


While these are not all of the terms, these are many of the ones you will ever need. We hope this has helped you understand hosiery a little bit better. They may seem like a simple thing to just go out and buy, but knowing the basics can really help you make better choices in terms of buying a pair that will last you longer or serve your purpose better.

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Top 10 Stylish Thigh Highs

Spring is fast approaching and it is right between the transitional period when the weather can sometimes be a little bipolar. So while it is too hot to be wearing long pants and jeans, it may also be too cold to be sporting only a pair of shorts. The perfect solution is to pair your outfit with some stockings or thigh highs to provide your legs with a little extra warmth. Finding fashionable and unique pairs can sometimes prove to be difficult; however, this week we will show you that you won’t have to settle for just a plain pair of black tights. iLoveSexy has many to choose from at the most affordable prices!

Whether you need a pair of thigh highs to stay warm for the weather’s sake or simply because you love working them into your outfit, they are a great accessory to style. Thigh highs can just be another part of the outfit, but for some, they can be the statement piece while keeping everything else understated. The possibilities are endless. We hope you have found your favorites from our collection. Let us know which ones they are and as usual comment below if you have any questions, suggestions, or other favorites from our website that you’d like to share.

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Hoisery Ideas for Your Scary Halloween Costumes


Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to think about the costumes, makeup, and accessories for that perfect outfit. Some prefer the sexy and pretty costumes, while some prefer the more true to Halloween aesthetic ones. For those of you who opt to go the more gruesome route, we offer a variety of tights that incorporates blood and gore without the mess. Best of all, they are all priced between $5-15 so there is no need to break the bank to go all out and be ready to scare!


Bloody Zombie Thigh Highs

Taking the classic white thigh highs, these feature a gory blood spatter pattern all over them. Pair them with an already bloody costume for a finishing touch, or pair them with a plain costume that needs a little extra oomph! It’ll look like you just survived a crazy night of chasing zombies or running away from Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees.

Fence Net Thigh Highs With Latex Bleeding Wound Top

Complete with a latex flesh wound, these are truly one a kind. Who needs fancy makeup and complicated prosthetics? All you need are these tights, and you will be set with an easy pair of wounds that will make people look twice. Switch out any of your regular costume fishnet tights for these.


Opaque Thigh Highs With Latex Stapled Wound Backseam

For a more subtle and a little less gruesome look, these happen to be a great choice. Although they look like your average black tights from the front, there is more than meets the eye. The vertical wounds on the back of the legs help elongate the leg line, and they look great with costumes that already have a lot going on.


Frankie Opaque Thigh Highs With Latex Stitch And Bolt Detail 

Last, but not least, are these green thigh highs to go with all your monster costumes or just any green costume that needs a bit more Halloween spirit. These feature stitch wounds and a pair of bolts on each side. Although they are inspired by Frankenstein, these work with witch or prisoner costumes as well.


While these tights aren’t meant for day to day wear, they complement the Halloween season, and allows just about anyone to add that little extra something to their costume. Costumes can get redundant, and what’s even worse is when you run into another person with the same costume. However, if you add your own little touch with these bold and daring tights, you can still stand out, and perhaps even start a conversation over how cool they look. What do you think about these Halloween tights, and how would you pair them? Remember to check out for thousands of costume choices and accessories to make this Halloween one you’ll never forget.

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