Hoisery Ideas for Your Scary Halloween Costumes


Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to think about the costumes, makeup, and accessories for that perfect outfit. Some prefer the sexy and pretty costumes, while some prefer the more true to Halloween aesthetic ones. For those of you who opt to go the more gruesome route, we offer a variety of tights that incorporates blood and gore without the mess. Best of all, they are all priced between $5-15 so there is no need to break the bank to go all out and be ready to scare!


Bloody Zombie Thigh Highs

Taking the classic white thigh highs, these feature a gory blood spatter pattern all over them. Pair them with an already bloody costume for a finishing touch, or pair them with a plain costume that needs a little extra oomph! It’ll look like you just survived a crazy night of chasing zombies or running away from Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees.

Fence Net Thigh Highs With Latex Bleeding Wound Top

Complete with a latex flesh wound, these are truly one a kind. Who needs fancy makeup and complicated prosthetics? All you need are these tights, and you will be set with an easy pair of wounds that will make people look twice. Switch out any of your regular costume fishnet tights for these.


Opaque Thigh Highs With Latex Stapled Wound Backseam

For a more subtle and a little less gruesome look, these happen to be a great choice. Although they look like your average black tights from the front, there is more than meets the eye. The vertical wounds on the back of the legs help elongate the leg line, and they look great with costumes that already have a lot going on.


Frankie Opaque Thigh Highs With Latex Stitch And Bolt Detail 

Last, but not least, are these green thigh highs to go with all your monster costumes or just any green costume that needs a bit more Halloween spirit. These feature stitch wounds and a pair of bolts on each side. Although they are inspired by Frankenstein, these work with witch or prisoner costumes as well.


While these tights aren’t meant for day to day wear, they complement the Halloween season, and allows just about anyone to add that little extra something to their costume. Costumes can get redundant, and what’s even worse is when you run into another person with the same costume. However, if you add your own little touch with these bold and daring tights, you can still stand out, and perhaps even start a conversation over how cool they look. What do you think about these Halloween tights, and how would you pair them? Remember to check out ilovesexy.com for thousands of costume choices and accessories to make this Halloween one you’ll never forget.

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