DIY Egyptian Cuffs for Halloween Egyptian Costumes

During ancient times, Egypt was teeming with beauty, mystery and intrigue. Many secrets lie within the many wonders that the Egyptians built such as pyramids, palaces and tombs. Secrets that famous and beautiful queens such as Cleopatra and Nefertiti tucked away within palace walls, only to be excavated two millenniums later. Many lives were lost by foreign thieves attempting to pillage the secret treasures that Egypt had to offer. Well, we at iLoveSexy have incredible news! While we were unable to recover any jewelry from Ancient Egypt, we have come up with a way to create captivating jewelry, worthy of any ancient Egyptian queen, through our DIY Egyptian cuffs tutorial! By using items that can be found around your house, you too can create a pair of incredible DIY Egyptian cuffs to go with any Egyptian costumes this Halloween. For Halloween outfit ideas, we have compiled a list of gorgeous Egyptian costumes that pair perfectly with these DIY Egyptian cuffs.  However you choose to wear these gorgeous pieces, this week’s DIY tutorial is guaranteed to be easy and affordable, while looking as though they was forged by the Egyptian gods themselves.

DIY Egyptian Cuffs - What you will need


What you will need:

Empty rolls of toilet paper
Small elbow macaroni
Rhinestones in various colors
Gold spray paint
Tacky glue


DIY Egyptian Cuffs - Step 1

1. Use scissors to cut your toilet paper rolls according to the size of thickness you wish them to be.


DIY Egyptian Cuffs - Step 2

2. To make a pair of matching cuffs, cut two toilet paper rolls of the same size.


DIY Egyptian Cuffs - Step 3

3. Draw a circle in the middle of the cuffs. This is where your accent gemstone with be placed so this will serve as a marker for the next step.


DIY Egyptian Cuffs - Step 4

4. Dispense a small amount of tacky glue to each piece of macaroni and stick them to the cuffs in three rows. Make sure they are as uniform and as straight as possible.


DIY Egyptian Cuffs - Step 5

5. Make sure to leave the circle you have drawn blank. This will be wear you stick your large rhinestone.


DIY Egyptian Cuffs - Step 6

6. This is how your cuffs should look like so far. While they look more delicious than opulent right now, they will definitely be transformed by the spray paint in just a moment.


DIY Egyptian Cuffs - Step 7

7. In a well ventilated space, spray paint your cuff with gold spray paint, making sure to get an even coat all around. We only needed one coat of spray paint for this, but you can add another one if needed.


DIy Egyptian Cuffs - Step 8

8. This is how your cuffs should look after the gold spray paint has dried.


DIy Egyptian Cuffs - Step 9

9. Apply a small amount of tacky glue to the back of a large rhinestone and stick it in the empty space that you left earlier.


DIy Egyptian Cuffs - Step 10

10. Add small gold rhinestones on the top and the bottom of the rhinestone. Since they were so tiny, we wet the tip of a pencil with tacky glue and used it to pick them up and attach it to the gold cuff.


DIy Egyptian Cuffs - Finished

Beautiful, isn’t it? Almost forbidden looking, these DIY Egyptian cuffs are not only eye-catching but almost look like  the real thing. Even though it’s actually made out of cardboard, others may guess that it is made out of metal and precious jewels.


DIy Egyptian Cuffs - Finished 2

You can design your DIY Egyptian Cuffs however way you wish with different colored jewels and patterns. We had a hard time choosing between red, blue or green rhinestones for these cuffs, since they all looked amazing against the gold. Try out any of these colors and see which one you like best! However we would definitely recommend making sure that the pair of cuffs match with the same design. You can also place these higher up on the arm, closer to your shoulder, or even around your ankle. These cuffs are not just limited to the wrists. And while you brainstorm about how you would like to wear your DIY Egyptian cuffs, let’s take a look at our top Egyptian costume picks from our wonderful collection!


Jewel Of the Nile Costume

Jewel of the Nile


Egyptian Cuff - EgyptianCostume2



Queen of De Nile

Queen of De Nile


The age of the Pharaohs and Queens may be long gone, but people continue to keep their memory alive through this day. Much fascination still surrounds the mysterious ancient Egyptian queens and remnants of their world exist only through relics and buried treasure. If you have always been curious about the seductiveness of Cleopatra and the wisdom of Nefertiti, Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate their memory and emulate their elegance and allure. With these enchanting DIY Egyptian cuffs, you can look like the Queen of the Nile in no time. So what did you think of this tutorial? Will you trying these out at home? Were you a fan of using macaroni in this tutorial? Please let us know in the comments below!


And of course, we would love to see what awesome Halloween DIYs you have come up with! Don’t hesitate to send us pictures of any of our DIY tutorials that you have created via email at, and we may post it up on our Instagram at @ilovesexycom. Check back again next week for an all-new DIY tutorial that will help get you pumped up for Halloween!

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