DIY Head Chain for Halloween Gypsy Costumes

Have you ever wanted to see into the future? When we think about fortune telling and reading into our destiny, no one comes to mind quite as often as the enigmatic gypsy.  As cunning as she is crafty, the gypsy is surrounded by mystery and intrigue at all times. She strangely seems to know more about you than you know yourself. And while you don’t have to believe in tarot cards and crystal balls to channel the bohemian spirit of a gypsy, you can certainly look as gorgeous as one. Brace yourself, because we have a special treat for you this week at iLoveSexy’s Blog! Today, we bring to you one of this year’s hottest accessories–the head chain. Head chains have made their way into popular retailers and can go for as much as $30 in stores. Ouch! However, follow along our DIY head chain tutorial, and you can create this gorgeous piece of head jewelry for yourself. And of course, don’t forget to stick around for some weekly costume ideas to get you pumped for Halloween. Alright, let’s get started!


DIY Head Chain - What you will need


What you will need: 

Thin chains (you can buy chains at your local craft store or you can use any necklace chains you may have at home)
Jump rings
Charms, jewels  (optional)
Wire cutters


DIY Head Chain - Step 1

1. Take the chain and measure from the top of your forehead to the middle of the back of your head. This will be the center chain.


DIY Head Chain - Step 2

2. Use your wire cutter to cut the chain according to the required length.


DIY Head Chain - Step 3

3. Take another piece of chain again and measure one piece from the side. Use the middle of your forehead to the middle of the back of your head to gauge the required length. This piece should be loose enough to drape gently from the side. To add a second chain on the side, repeat this step and measure out  a piece that is slightly longer than your first. Taking your short chain and long chain, cut out another two pieces of chain for the other side of your head to match.


DIY Head Chain - Step 4

4. Using your wire cutter, remove any attached jump rings to your charm, if you are using one. Skip this step if you are making a head chain without any charms.


DIY Head Chain - Step 5

5. Before you start putting it together, you want to make sure that you have a short middle chain, two medium length chains and two long chains. After you have completed cutting all the chains and charms you will be using to make this head chain, lay your pieces out in so that you can get an idea of how it is going to look.


DIY Head Chain - Step 6

6. Take your jump rings and use your pliers to open them up.


DIY Head Chain - Step 7

7. Connect your jump ring to one side of the charm. Do not close your jump ring just yet. Repeat this step for the other side.


DIY Head Chain - Step 8

8. Take the two side chains that are going to lay on the side of your head and connect them to the jump ring. Hook the long chain first and then the short chain and repeat for the other side. After you have done this, close the jump rings so that the chains cannot slide out.


DIY Head Chain - Step 9

9. Take another jump ring and connect it to the middle of the charm. Attach your center chain to this jump ring.



10. This is how your head chain should look like so far. Sit tight, you’re almost finished!


DIY Head Chain - Step 10

11. Take one more jump ring and open it with your pliers.  Take your center short chain and hook it to the jump ring first. Then take the medium and long chain for the right side and slip them through the right opening of the jump ring. Repeat this step for the left side and slip the two chains through the left opening.


DIY Head Chain - Step 12

12. Your last jump ring should have a total of 5 chains attached to it. Make sure they are all in the correct order so that when you put it on, all the chains drape gently on your head.


DIY Head Chain - Finished Front  View

And this completes our DIY head chain tutorial! Simple yet chic, this head chain is sure to bring out the bohemian spirit in anyone. Many DIY head chain tutorials we have seen exclude the charm in the middle, and a head chain using only chains looks perfectly fashionable. But we think that adding a centerpiece really helps draw attention to the center of your face and show off the headpiece. Whether you wish to wear this out with any Halloween gypsy costumes or just use it as an accessory for a daytime outfit, this piece is every bit as versatile as it is gorgeous. And best of all, it looks a lot more luxurious than it actually costs to make. But don’t worry, we won’t tell if you won’t.


DIY Head Chain - Finished side view

You can add extra chains, or different kinds embellishments such as pearls, rosary strands or funky stranded necklaces. The possibilities for designing this head chain are endless and we have already seen so many creative ideas. Are you a fan of the classic head chain or do you prefer them more detailed and ornate?


DIY Head Chain - Back View

Doesn’t this look lovely from the back as well? This head chain goes well with generally any hairstyle, whether you wish to leave it sleek and straight or add some voluminous, boho waves.  If you’re thinking of using Halloween as an excuse to don this head chain, then look no further because we are going to show your our favorite picks for this year from our Gypsy collection!

Head Chain - GypsyCostume1

Crystal Ball Gyspy

Head Chain - GypsyCostume2

Gypsy Maiden


Head Chain - GypsyCostume3

Exotic Gypsy

Head Chain - GypsyCostume4

Tarot Card Gypsy


Was this tutorial fun or what? Creating this head chain was so easy and quick that if you have extra time, you can create a whole bunch of these for different occasions or to give away to friends. Will you be trying out this DIY head chain tutorial? How would you like to design your own head chain? Although it’s only September, Halloween season is fast approaching and it’s never too early to start thinking about what you want to be this year. Especially with so many choices, planning for Halloween can be just as fun as going out on the holiday itself. What did you think of these gypsy costumes we have picked? Did any of them catch your eye? Let us know any thoughts, comments or questions in the comment box below. And just a reminder, we will  be putting out weekly Halloween DIY tutorials all the way until Halloween. So check back next week to see what surprises we have in store for you because you won’t want to miss out!

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