Panty Fit Guide: Find Your Perfect Style

Just like finding the perfect bra is an important essential, finding the perfect panty can make or break an outfit. Wearing a wrong pair of panties can leave unsightly panty lines, scrunching, and muffin tops that no one wants to see. In order to avoid such wardrobe malfunctions, it is vital to learn about which fit will make the best of your body in the outfit that you choose. This week we will explain to you the top styles that iLoveSexy and other major retailers offer so that you will know exactly what to look for when you pick out your undergarments.




  1. Cheeky/Tanga – A type of panty that has a narrower back than a traditional bikini panty but is not as narrow as a thong.
    Minimal-Moderate coverage.
  2. Hipster – Low rise and sits at the hips. The sides are wider than regular panty briefs. Moderate-Full coverage.
  3. Bikini – Similar to a hipster but the sides are more narrow around the hips. Minimal-Moderate coverage.
  4. Boyshort – Inspired by men’s briefs. Cut like shorts, they do not display a visible panty line. A great comfortable alternative to a thong. Full coverage.
  5. G-String – Similar to a thong, but with even less fabric. The sides and rear are usually only a strip of fabric. Worn to avoid visible panty lines. Minimal coverage.
  6. Thong – A type of panty with a narrow waistband The back is usually wider towards the top with a strip of fabric between the buttocks. Worn to avoid visible panty lines. Minimal coverage.


As you can see, there are usually more than one option for each type of coverage. Which one you end up choosing is a matter of preference, and which one you feel more comfortable wearing. We hope this guide has helped you understand a little more about finding the right pair of panties. Which type of panties are your favorite to wear?

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