DIY Goddess Headpiece for Halloween Goddess Costumes

In ancient times, it was said in Greek mythology that the goddesses ruled the skies and controlled the world. These goddesses were the epitome of female beauty, wisdom and purity and represented the very qualities that all mortal women strove to possess.  Bewitching, benevolent but at times ruthless, they have influenced mankind for thousands of years. And while the prevalence of Greek mythology has been reduced to libraries and history books, the idea of what these goddesses may have looked like continue to fascinate us to this very day. For this week at iLoveSexy Blog, we bring you this captivating DIY Goddess Headpiece tutorial, which is perfect for pairing with all of your goddess-inspired costumes and outfits this Halloween.  It’s incredibly fun and easy to make, and we even added the Midas touch at the end by covering it in gold. Luxurious, elegant and regal, this lovely goddess headpiece will make you look as beautiful as Aphrodite, as pure as Artemis and as fierce as Athena. And don’t forget to stick around until the end of the tutorial for some gorgeous costumes you can wear with this headpiece!


DIY Greek Goddess Headpiece - What you'll need


What you will need: 

Bundles of leaves (You can find these at craft stores that sell fake flowers, such as Jo-Ann or Michaels)
Thick floral wire
Thin floral wire
Floral tape
Gold spray paint


DIY Greek Goddess Headpiece - Step 1

1. Take four pieces of floral wire and measure out the pieces to determine how much material you will need to fit the headpiece comfortably on your head. Leave about two inches of overlap on each end of the wires to make attaching them easier.


DIY Greek Goddess Headpiece - Step 2

2. Braid two pieces of floral wire together and do the same to the remaining two pieces. You should end up with two pieces of wire afterwards.


DIY Greek Goddess Headpiece - Step 2

3. Wrap both ends of the floral wire securely around each other by tightly intertwining them. If you find it difficult to get the floral wire to stick to each other, feel free to hot glue the ends to each other for added sturdiness.


DIY Greek Goddess Headpiece - Step 3

4. Take a long piece of floral tape and wrap it around the entire headpiece. Make sure to cover any pieces of protruding wire.


DIY Greek Goddess Headpiece - Step 5

5. If your floral tape is not sticky enough, take a small piece of scotch tape to wrap up the end.


DIY Greek Goddess Headpiece - Step 6

6. Remove the leaves from your bundle of leaves. They should peel off the stem easily but if not, you can cut them off with scissors. Make sure to leave about an inch of the leaves’ stem to make wrapping it onto the floral wire easier.


DIY Greek Goddess Headpiece - Step 7

7. After you have gathered your leaves, loosely place them around your headpiece to gauge how many pieces you need.


DIY Greek Goddess Headpiece - Step 8

8. Take your thin floral wire and wrap your leaves tightly to your headpiece. Repeat this step until you have covered the entire headpiece with leaves. Don’t worry about how different the colors look against each other, as we will be spray painting the entire headpiece later on.


DIY Greek Goddess Headpiece - Step 9

9. This is how the headpiece should look after you have added all your leaves. There is no need to make all your leaves look perfectly uniform, as the random placement of the leaves make this headpiece look more natural.


DIY Greek Goddess Headpiece - Step 10

10. For an added touch, we included the beads that our bundle of leaves came with and wrapped them to our headpiece with more thin floral wire. This step is not mandatory but if you have any additional flowers, beads or pieces of jewelry you would like to add, feel free to do so.


DIY Greek Goddess Headpiece - Step 11

11. Take your headpiece and place it over some paper towels, newspapers or scratch paper. Make sure to have proper ventilation. Spray paint the entire headpiece with a generous coat, making sure to check all of the undersides to see that the paint is evenly distributed. Wait for the first coat to dry and then spray on a second coat.


DIY Greek Goddess Headpiece - Final Picture1

Here is the completed goddess headpiece! Doesn’t it look simply divine? The headpiece actually looked beautiful enough on its own before we spray painted it, but we kicked things up a notch by coating it in shiny gold for a more royal touch. We recommend wearing this with your hair down, with perhaps some voluminous waves. For makeup, add some gold and bronze eye shadow, bronzer and highlighter for a sun-kissed, goddess glow to match with your gold headpiece.


DIY Greek Goddess Headpiece - Final Picture2

And of course, such a lovely goddess headpiece needs an alluring goddess costume to go along with it. Here are some of our selections from our Goddess costume collection that would look simply celestial with your headpiece!


Goddess of Love Aphrodite

Goddess of Love Aphrodite


Goddess Headpiece - Goddess Costume 2

3 Piece Golden Goddess


Goddess Headpiece - Goddess Costume 3

Lovely Aphrodite


Goddess Headpiece - Goddess Costume 4

3 Piece Goddess Hermes


What did you think of this DIY tutorial? Will you be attempting to recreate this beautiful goddess headpiece? We hope you do because this is not only affordable and enjoyable to make, but also easy to customize! You can definitely make it with any random accessories you have lying around or with any flowers or jewelry you can find in your local craft store. And did you like any of the goddess costumes we have suggested? We predict that goddess costumes will be one of our hot sellers this year, and these outfits we have chosen definitely has our vote! Don’t forget to leave comments, suggestions or any other DIY tutorials that you would like to see from us. We have plenty more Halloween DIY tutorials planned so check back next week to see what we have  for you!

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