DIY Flower Crown Tutorial for Halloween Fairy Costumes

Ever since the rise in popularity of summer music festivals, flower crowns have become one of this year’s biggest trends. Perfect as an accessory, flower crowns evoke a fun and  lighthearted sense of whimsicality. Not only are they sweet and feminine, they can look good on just about anyone. Whether worn at summer music festivals, photo shoots or just for a beautiful day out, flower crowns have the ability to bring out the romantic fairy in all of us. For this week’s DIY, we’re going to get started a little early on Halloween. We’re going to do a DIY Flower Crown Tutorial. If you’re trying to decide what to be for Halloween this year, why not try a fairy costume?  Putting together a fairy costume is simple and straightforward, and the end results will always be fun and flirtatious, with just a hint of sexiness. Whether you want to go with a cute pixie look or a dark, seductive fairy look, styling it with your very own custom-made flower crown is easy and affordable. Stay tuned at the end of this tutorial to see a few of our suggestions of costumes you can pair this gorgeous flower crown with.   In the meantime, let’s get started on our tutorial!

DIY Flower Crown: What you will need


What you will need:

Fake flowers
Floral wire
Floral Tape
Hot Glue Gun


DIY Flower Crown - Step 1


1. Measure the length of your floral wire according to circumference of the top of your head. Take three pieces of floral wire and braid/twist them to form a thicker wire.


DIY Flower Crown - Step 2


2. Twist the ends of the wire together to create a crown. It should look something like this. If the crown happens to be too large for your head, pinch and twist the wire to shorten it until you feel the crown is a comfortable fit.


DIY Flower Crown - Step 3


3. Take a long piece of floral tape and wrap the entire crown to hide the twisted wires. This step is not mandatory but wrapping the floral tape does make a huge difference with how neat the flower crown will turn out.


DIY Flower Crown - Step 4


4. Take your fake flowers and begin popping them off their stems. They should come off with relative ease, but if they happen to be glued on, simply cut them as closely to the base of the stem as possible.


DIY Flower Crown - Step 5


5. Slide some leaves off the stem as well if you wish to add leaves to the flower crown. Adding a few leaves will create more contrast and really help bring out the vibrancy in the other flowers.


DIY Flower Crown - Step 6


6. Snip the stem of the flower close to the base. You will want the base of the flower to be as flat as possible so that you can hot glue it more easily to the crown.


DIY Flower Crown - Step 7


7. Place a moderate amount of hot glue around the base of the flower.  Be careful not to burn yourself!


DIY Flower Crown - Step 8


8. Press the flower base and hold it there for around thirty seconds. Since the crown’s base is sort of thin, you will want to make sure that the flower is completely secured to the crown upon letting go.


DIY Flower Crown - Step 9


9. Here is the finished product! You can add as many flowers as you can fit to the crown. Feel free to experiment with different colors and sizes. If you decide to wear this with a fairy costume, you can choose flowers that would complement it.


DIY Flower Crown - Finished product


And now you have your very own flower crown to enjoy! We saw so many beautiful flowers at the dollar store so we couldn’t help but go a little crazy at the flower section. You can make yours with large, voluminous flowers ala’ Lana Del Rey style or you can use smaller flowers for a more pixie woodland fairy look. For Halloween costume ideas, here are a few suggestions we think would pair beautifully with flower crowns.

FlowerCrown - FairyCostume1

Pretty Pixie


FlowerCrown - FairyCostume2

3-Piece Pixie Fairy

FlowerCrown - FairyCostume3
Lavender Fairy

FlowerCrown - FairyCostume4

Woodland Fairy



We hope you found this tutorial easy to follow. Let us know if you end up using any of our tutorials! We would love to see the many different ways you can recreate our DIYs and we would love to share your finished product on our Instagram account. Lastly, we would like to announce that from now until Halloween, we will be featuring Halloween DIYs in addition to costume suggestions. If you are trying to figure out what you want to be this year, don’t sweat it, you still have a lot of time and have come to the right place. Check in with our blog frequently to see updates for costume ideas!

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