DIY Harry Potter Wand for Halloween Witch Costumes

Expecto Patronum! Are you familiar with that magic spell? Some of you may not be and while we do not encourage anyone to practice witchcraft, we can certainly advocate for witches making crafts! Are you considering dressing up as a witch for this year’s Halloween? Broomsticks have long gone out of fashion but that doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize your costume with these elegant yet trendy magic wands. Inspired by the beautiful wands found in Harry Potter, these DIY wands are incredibly fun to make because you can fashion them however you imagine them.  Witch costumes have always been one of the popular go-to choices for Halloween attire and it’s no secret why. Today’s witches are alluring, mysterious and charming. And here at iLoveSexy, while we boast a large collection of witch costumes, we have selected our most spellbinding costumes of the year. So stick around and follow along for our DIY wand tutorial for Halloween witch costumes or any Harry Potter-themed costumes! Who knows? Perhaps you will magically conjure up some ideas for your very own wand!

 DIY Harry Potter Wand - What you will need


What you will need: 

Construction paper
Acrylic paint in any colors of your choice
Hot glue gun
Extra glue sticks (if needed)
Paper towels


DIY Harry Potter Wand - Step 1

1. Tightly roll a piece of construction paper diagonally, forming the shape of a long, thin cone.


DIY Harry Potter Wand - Step 2

2. For more security and sturdiness, stuff your wand with pieces of paper towel, newspaper or scratch paper. If you have a hard time with pushing the pieces down, use a long and thin object such as a pencil or a chopstick.


DIY Harry Potter Wand - Step 3

3. Using scissors, cut the top and bottom of the wand to make the ends straight across. This step is very important as you will be sealing the ends of the wands with glue.


DIY Harry Potter Wand - Step 4

4. Fill the hollow space on the top and bottom end of the wand with hot glue. Dispense as much as needed and be careful not to burn yourself. Allow the glue to cool before going on to the next step.


DIY Harry Potter Wand - Step 5

5. Begin designing your wand using the hot glue to add various shapes. For this particular wand, we created a thicker handle by gently turning the wand while dispensing a thick layer of glue until we reached the desired length. We stopped at around the quarter-inch mark. To prevent the hot glue from dripping, you can slowly turn the wand as you would see in a rotisserie until the glue is completely dried.


DIY Harry Potter Wand - Step 6

6. We decided to go with a simple swirling pattern going down the wand, below the handle. Slowly dispense the hot glue and twist the wand to the desired shape you wish to achieve. You can also use the end of the glue gun to shape patterns and add designs.


DIY Harry Potter Wand - Step 7

7. Paint a thick layer of acrylic paint to your wand. Don’t worry about being too precise with painting, as the more textured your wand, the more used and rustic it looks.


DIY Harry Potter Wand - Step 8

8. After you have finished painting your base color, paint your decorative accents if you wish to add more colors. We recommend using metallic paint such as gold, bronze or silver to paint over the accents.


DIY Harry Potter Wand - Finished

And voilà! After a little hocus pocus and a lot of paint, we finally have our Harry Potter wands! Ready for casting spells, this wand is not only great for matching with Halloween costumes but it would also be a hit at Halloween parties and events. Since we had a little extra time and a lot of extra paint, we decided to create an additional wand.


DIY Harry Potter Wand - Finished2

If you are just starting out with making your first Harry Potter wand, you might want to go down the more simple route with a classic spiral design, such as in our green and gold wand. Or if you’re feeling more ambitious or have had some practice with decorating wands, you can try adding ornate designs such as decorative ridges, patterns or even jewels. Doesn’t this bronze wand look like it was used by a great, powerful wizard? The possibilities are endless and you can really buckle down and get creative with this project.  And now that we’re finished with our wands, let’s take a look at some of the eye-catching witch costumes that would go wonderfully with this DIY project!


DIY Harry Potter Wand - Sexy Spellcaster

Sexy Spellcaster


DIY Harry Potter Wand - Starry Night Witch

Starry Night Witch


DIY Harry Potter Wand - Hocus Pocus Hottie

Hocus Pocus Hottie


DIY Harry Potter Wand - Broomstick Babe

Broomstick Babe


Witch costumes never really go out of fashion, because witches have become such an embedded part of Halloween culture. And even though the Harry Potter series ended a couple years ago, dressing up as a witch or a wizard is now more popular than ever. Carrying this Harry Potter wand, as opposed to the typical broomstick, is a modern and creative twist on dressing up as one of Halloween’s most recognizable figures. So tell us, are you a fan of this week’s DIY Harry Potter wand tutorial? Will you be trying this tutorial out at home? Let us know in the comments below if you are considering dressing up as a witch or if you will be trying out the tutorial.

Send us pictures of any of our DIY tutorials that you have created via email at, and we may post it up on our Instagram at @ilovesexycom. As Halloween draws closer, we are continuously thinking of ways to make this year’s Halloween fun, flirty and fabulous! Check back again next week for an all new DIY tutorial.

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