DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears for Cat Costumes

Halloween season has officially ended and we have another year until we can resume all of our favorite spooktacular festivities! While we are sad that we have to wait an entire year until we can celebrate our favorite holiday, we still have plenty of DIY tutorials for you to check out. We all know that Halloween is not the only time where you can dress up an outfit with a cute hair accessory. In fact, one of the most popular accessories since last year are rhinestone cat ears, which were first seen in Taylor Swift’s music video for “22”. These are incredibly fun and easy to make so we thought that it would make the perfect DIY to kick off the start of November. You can wear these DIY rhinestone cat ears with outfits in our Cat Costume Collection or casually with an everyday outfit. These DIY rhinestone cat ears are cute and subtle enough for anyone to wear animal ears out in public without looking like they’re confused about Halloween. So if you’ve always wanted to make your own pair of DIY rhinestone cat ears, stick around for our tutorial!

DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - What you will need

 What you will need:

Floral wire
Wire cutters
Hot glue gun


DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - Step 1


1. Measure the length of wire that you will use to form your cat ears. You can eyeball it depending on the size you want, but just make sure to leave enough wire to wrap around the headband.


DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - Step 2


2. After you have finished cutting out your first wire, use that first piece to measure out your second piece.


DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - Step 3


3. Using pliers, wrap the two ends of the wire around the headband, keeping the shape of the cat ears in mind. You can also use the pliers to bend, shape and smooth out the wire.


DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - Step 4


4. This is how your cat ears should look after you have finished wrapping the wires.


DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - Step 5


5. Use hot glue to attach the rhinestones to the wires. You can add as many as you’d like, depending on how many the cat ears can fit.


DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - Finished

DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - Finished2

DIY Rhinestone Cat Ears - Finished


Are these adorable or what? It seems as though everyone is jumping on the rhinestone cat ear trend nowadays. From pop music stars to magazine cover girls, every girl wants to get her hands on these. Well, what better way than to make your own? And if you prefer to add other decorations, you can use pearls or different colored crystals instead. These DIY rhinestone cat ears are simple to make and only take a little time to create. So get started on creating your own cat ears right meow! And show us some love in the comment box below in the form of any comments, questions or suggestions that you would like to see for next week’s DIY tutorial.

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