Lingerie Color 101: What Your Lingerie Color Says?

As you all may know, color is a form of representation. In art, in flowers, in clothes, and even in lingerie, it can speak volumes. Different colors evoke different emotions and stimulates the brain in different ways. Therefore, it is no surprise that everyone has their own preferences. Now open your bras and panties drawer, and look at what color you seem to be drawn to or have the most of. Once you have identified your color, read our chart below and see what characteristics your favorite lingerie color says about you.



  1. White – A short, flared nightgown, nightie or negligee that often falls in length between the upper thigh and belly button.
  2. Black – A single-piece garment that covers both the torso and crotch. Typically made with sheer and delicate material.
  3. Red – A thin, sleeveless tight-fitting garment that resembles a tank top. Camisoles covers the top part of the body and can be worn with or without a bra.
  4. Blue – A short, loose-fitting, sleeveless gown that falls somewhere between mid-thigh and knee length. Typically tighter around the hips than a babydoll.
  5. Pink – A garment worn to help shape the torso to be smaller, and to create an hour glass shape. Usually boned to emphasize a woman’s curves.
  6. Nude – Similar to a teddy, a bodysuit provides more coverage with thicker fabric. Usually worn as a layering piece.

    What do you think about what our chart has to say about your lingerie? Do you think it is true or do you have another explanation for your color preference? Everyone, of course, has a variety of colors in their collection. Perhaps this chart will help you determine which color to wear for which mood or occasion.

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