How To Walk In Heels

It’s no secret that we love heels with the huge selection at iLoveSexy. We can’t even express how much of a dream it is to be surrounded by beautiful shoes all day long! However, even though many of us love them, we can’t say that all of us enjoy walking in them. Walking in heels are a challenge, and these days heels aren’t getting any shorter! Does that mean you can never enjoy adorning your feet ever again? That is absolutely not case! Walking in heels are difficult, but there are ways to make it easier. This week we will teach you how to make the sometimes painful experience not so painful. We will teach you 7 Steps For How To Walk In Heels so that one day you can look at a pair of heels and feel confident that you can rock them anywhere you please.



1. START SMALL If you are a beginner, do not start off with 5-inch stilettos. Try something smaller, like a 2-inch with a thicker heel. This will help your feet and body get use to balancing on high heels.

2. PROPER FITTING HEELS If your heels are too small or too big it will hinder your ability to distribute your weight and walk properly. Always make sure you have the right size with no pinching and no slippage.

3. GOOD POSTURE Always stand up straight, keep your shoulders back, and keep your head up high.

4. SMALL STEPS Do not stomp and attempt to take big steps like your normally do with flat shoes. High heels naturally shortens your stride, so just follow the rhythm.

5. FROM HEEL TO TOE Put your heel down first and then your toes. Do not place your entire foot down at once or tip toe thinking that it will ease the discomfort. It will only inhibit your balance.

6. INSOLES For a little bit of extra help, add some insoles onto your heels. This will provide some extra support and padding for your soles which should make the process a little more comfortable.

7. PRACTICE Walking in heels like a pro does not happen overnight so practice when you can on different surfaces. Look in the mirror while you walk. Learn your strengths and weaknesses, and target those. Soon enough, heels will no longer be a hindrance.


As you can see, walking in heels has its ways. It’s not just a regular pair of shoes you can just step into. If you had always thought heels were uncomfortable, try them again with these things in mind. During the process, keep a pair of flats handy just in case they start to tire out your feet. Keep practicing, and eventually you will get the hang of it! Let us know if this guide has helped you! We would love to hear your feedback.

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