DIY at Home: Baking Soda Skin Exfoliator

Keeping healthy radiant skin year round is important, but we feel it is especially a must during the warmer months. During the warmer months with all that heat and sweat, it is essential that your skin gets to breathe. Heavy makeup is going to clog those pores more than usual, so it is best to use lighter coverage and sport the natural makeup look. With lighter coverage, having good skin will definitely be beneficial.

One cheap and effective remedy is to use Baking Soda as a skin exfoliant. Yes, you heard us: Baking Soda! It’s not only good for cooking and cleaning. It is also a great way to slough off those dead skin cells, tighten the pores, and refine your complexion.

Baking Soda Skin Exfoliator
Here are a few options you can choose to use:


– Add a teaspoon of baking soda to your facial cleanser, mix, and then thoroughly wash/exfoliate your face for 2-3 minutes.


– Mix some baking soda with water until it forms into a paste. Apply it your face, let it sit for 3-5 minutes, and wash it off. While washing it off use your fingers and scrub the the little grains in circular motions. This will help exfoliate your skin further.


– Mix some baking soda, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and water together. Apply this your face and massage in circular motions. This will help exfoliate and moisturize, which will give you an amazing glow.


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