A Guide: Know Your Bra Shapes

When shopping for a bra, knowing the style and shape you want is just as important as knowing your size. Depending on the appeal you want to go for and the amount of coverage you need, there is a different bra for each occasion.  Today we will talk about a few of the most popular bra styles that you can find at your local retailers and online. We will explain the differences between each one of the bra shapes, and what purpose they would serve best for.




  • Balconette – This bra is perfect for ladies who have a lower set bust. The ‘balcony shape’ helps create dramatic lift and cleavage making them appear fuller. It is sometimes more revealing than a demi-bra as it provides most of its support from the bottom, and does not cover the entire breast area. The straps are usually more wide set which makes it ideal to wear with more open necklines.
  • Bandeau – A bandeau is a simple, elastic band of material that is worn across the breasts that provide minimal support or shaping. It is most suitable for small bust sizes as there is no underwire support or any padding. Ideal to wear under sheer clothing for an added layer of coverage.
  • Demi-Cup – A partial-cup bra that covers half to three-quarters of the breast, designed with a slight inward tilt to create an uplifted, cleavage enhancing shape. The under-wires of demi cups are typically shorter, and they are great for more petite ladies. This bra is ideal for low-cut tops.
  • Deep Plunge – A bra that is designed with angled cups and a lowered center allowing for increased cleavage in between the bust. Perfect to wear under low cut rounded or v shape necklines.
  • Peek-A-Boo – A novelty bra that reveals more of the breast than the usual, often showing the nipple. Usually providing little to no support, this bra serves more for an appeal purpose than to wear under clothing.
  • Shelf Bra – A minimal bra that has little to no cups. The bust is usually exposed and is only supported by the under wire. Serves as a novelty bra or for women who prefer to be mostly braless.
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