Angelina Jolie’s Red Carpet Appearances Since Double Mastectomy

If some of you haven’t heard yet, Angelina Jolie announced her she was undergoing preventative double mastectomy early last month. She had decided to do this because she had an increased risk for breast cancer and ovarian cancer as a carrier of the┬áBRCA1 gene. Ovarian cancer had taken the life of her mother, and for the peace of mind of her children, she had decided to perform the procedure even before being diagnosed. The decision was a bit controversial and caused a lot of of debate among many. Nonetheless, Jolie has finally returned for public appearances and she was seen looking gorgeous as ever.


Angelina Jolie Mastectomy: World War Z Red Carpet Appearance in BerlinAngelina Jolie Mastectomy: First Red Carpet Appearance after procedure
(Photo Source: Zap2it, AndPop)

It’s good to see her glowing with her radiant smile at the premieres of World War Z alongside Brad Pitt. Welcome back, Angie!

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