Alyshia Ashlee’s Exclusive Interview Part I

Alyshia Ashlee Exclusive Interview Part I

When it comes to modeling, certain people have the ability to look into the lens of the camera and translate their natural beauty and sex appeal into a perfect picture. Every photograph is as much a performance as it is an eternal moment preserved in a tangible form. Professional model, Alyshia Ashlee, not only possesses this ability, but also the natural girl-next-door appeal that so many men gravitate towards. Radiant, buxom and fresh-faced, it’s no wonder why the bombshell beauty has made quite a splash in the modeling industry, with features in popular men’s magazines such as Playboy, Maxim, FHM and much more.

Hailing from the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada, Alyshia Ashlee got her start in modeling from childhood, competing in modeling competitions and securing finalist and first place positions. From there, she earned the attention of top photographers and publications, making a name for herself in the industry as Miss Playboy Mexico’s Cyber Girl of the Month and FHM Norway’s Cover Model, just to name a few. And while she does possess an impressive list of achievements, she has no intention of slowing down. In fact, she is just getting started. When it comes to the blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty, there is much more than meets the eye. Here at the iLoveSexy blog, we are pleased to present this exclusive interview, where we had the opportunity to get to ask both the model and the girl-next-door a few questions.


1. Tell us 3 fun facts that you would want us and other readers to know about yourself.

– I am allergic to the cold

– I have a cat named Mr. Kitty

– I lived in Merida , Yucatan . Mexico for 3 months.


2. What would you say has been the highlight of this year for you so far?

– There are so many highlights! It is hard to choose just one! I would say getting flown out to LA to test for Playmate in the spring was probably the best. I got to stay at the Playboy Mansion, have dinner and movie night with Hef and everyone for 4 days straight. Not to mention I was able to enjoy the beautiful property and shoot with a photographer I have admired for a long time.


3. You’ve been modeling since you were 5 years old. What drew you to the modeling industry at such a young age? What motivated you to stick with it?

– I would say at the age of 5, I just liked the attention. People used to always tell my parents that I needed to model so my mom put me in it. I just loved to feel pretty and pampered; that hasn’t changed haha. But I definitely stopped for a while after I had gone to New York for a competition and didn’t get what I went for, so it hurt a little. But after a while, I focused a career as a makeup artist and photographers kept telling me to model for them and here I am today!


4. Do you feel that modeling for Playboy has helped open up a lot of other doors for you? If so, how?

– Modeling for Playboy has definitely opened up doors for me! I have been able to have some great poster signings, and invited to various events that definitely are beneficial to my career. I have also received more work all together with photo-shoots and other magazine features. I am heading to Jamaica in September to shoot some pretty awesome stuff! I feel lucky I will get to wear your amazing bikinis.


5. Modeling is such a fast-paced, cutthroat industry. How do you deal with criticism? What do you feel makes you stand out from the rest of the competition?

– I try to take it with a grain of salt. It’s sometimes hard because we are literally criticized for everything and anything. Some days, I read things saying I’m too fat. Then the next day, I read that I am too skinny.  I think as long as I am happy with who I am and I am booking work, I could care less what all the other people think. There is a saying along the lines of “ have you ever seen a hater doing better then you are?” and I would have to say NO.  As far as standing out, I would say: my professionalism , the fact that I am natural, and that I stay grounded. I don’t let anything go to my head; I do my absolute best to be polite and nice to everyone I meet.


6. What do you think are the top three traits a person has to have if they want to make it in the industry?

– Ambition

– Drive

– Confidence / self worth ( you have to know exactly who you are and what you will tolerate)


7. What would you say is the biggest misconception about models?

– That we don’t eat, or that we are high on ourselves. I know plenty of models who are modest and down to earth.


8. What is your favorite type of lingerie to shoot in? Do you prefer more fancy, boudoir-style photo shoots or a more relaxed and casual setting?

– It definitely depends on my mood , but I love to feel sexy and boudoir for sure. There is just something about that look that makes every women feel seductive.


9. As someone who is so accomplished, you must have had the opportunity to travel a lot. What were some of your favorite places you’ve traveled to?

– I loved visiting Costa Rica and New York the best! I am heading to Jamaica in September so I am excited about that!


10. We see that you’re also a makeup artist as well. At what age did you start experimenting with makeup? How did you develop your makeup artistry skills?

– I don’t recall the exact age I started but I have been fascinated for a long time. I started doing makeup for photo shoots at the age of 14/15 and later went to school for all areas, including Special Effects, Theatre, Fashion, Film/TV, Bridal and Airbrush.


We hope you have enjoyed learning a little about Alyshia Ashlee. When it comes to breaking down the dumb blonde stereotype, Alyshia Ashlee has both the beauty and the brains to do just that. Her down-to-earth personality and grounded attitude combined with her ethereal beauty will take her far in the modeling industry . We can see great things happening for her in the future. This concludes Part 1 of her exclusive interview. But wait, we are not finished yet! Stay tuned for Part 2 of this interview, which will be posted next week!

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