Hosiery Terminology: A Guide To Understanding Stockings

Whether you wearing stockings or not on a normal basis, shopping for a pair of them can sometimes be a little tricky. Finding the right cut, material, thickness are all key things in a perfect pair. The more you know the easier it will be to identify exactly what you are looking for. Today we will explain to you the popular terms used in hosiery so on your next stockings shopping trip you will not have to worry about purchasing the wrong pair.




  1. Cuban Heel – A stocking with a heel sewn into the back seam for reinforcement.
  2. Back Seam – A seam that runs vertically down the back center of the garment.
  3. Fishnet – Hosiery with a diamond shaped, open knit resembling the pattern on a fishnet
  4. Fencenet – Similar to fishnets, but the patter is wider. Sometimes worn over other stockings.
  5. Opaque – Stockings which have greater than 40 denier. Provides more coverage of the leg.
  6. Sheer – Stockings that are more thin and see through. Has typically less than 40 denier.
  7. Stay-Ups – Also known as holdups. Stockings that are held up by a silicone or elastic band. Often a wide lace band.
  8. Stirrups – Stockings that taper at the ankle with an extra band that extends under the arch of the foot.
  9. Garter Belts – Used to hold up and keep stockings in place when a stay up not available. Usually contains 4 straps.
  10. Legwarmers – Coverings for the lower leg that are footless. Usually made of thick knit to retain warmth.
  11. Knee-Highs – Stockings that go up to the knee or right below the knee.
  12. Thigh-Highs – Stockings that go up to the mid-thigh or pass the knee.


While these are not all of the terms, these are many of the ones you will ever need. We hope this has helped you understand hosiery a little bit better. They may seem like a simple thing to just go out and buy, but knowing the basics can really help you make better choices in terms of buying a pair that will last you longer or serve your purpose better.

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A Guide: Know Your Bra Shapes

When shopping for a bra, knowing the style and shape you want is just as important as knowing your size. Depending on the appeal you want to go for and the amount of coverage you need, there is a different bra for each occasion.  Today we will talk about a few of the most popular bra styles that you can find at your local retailers and online. We will explain the differences between each one of the bra shapes, and what purpose they would serve best for.




  • Balconette – This bra is perfect for ladies who have a lower set bust. The ‘balcony shape’ helps create dramatic lift and cleavage making them appear fuller. It is sometimes more revealing than a demi-bra as it provides most of its support from the bottom, and does not cover the entire breast area. The straps are usually more wide set which makes it ideal to wear with more open necklines.
  • Bandeau – A bandeau is a simple, elastic band of material that is worn across the breasts that provide minimal support or shaping. It is most suitable for small bust sizes as there is no underwire support or any padding. Ideal to wear under sheer clothing for an added layer of coverage.
  • Demi-Cup – A partial-cup bra that covers half to three-quarters of the breast, designed with a slight inward tilt to create an uplifted, cleavage enhancing shape. The under-wires of demi cups are typically shorter, and they are great for more petite ladies. This bra is ideal for low-cut tops.
  • Deep Plunge – A bra that is designed with angled cups and a lowered center allowing for increased cleavage in between the bust. Perfect to wear under low cut rounded or v shape necklines.
  • Peek-A-Boo – A novelty bra that reveals more of the breast than the usual, often showing the nipple. Usually providing little to no support, this bra serves more for an appeal purpose than to wear under clothing.
  • Shelf Bra – A minimal bra that has little to no cups. The bust is usually exposed and is only supported by the under wire. Serves as a novelty bra or for women who prefer to be mostly braless.
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Top 10 Stylish Thigh Highs

Spring is fast approaching and it is right between the transitional period when the weather can sometimes be a little bipolar. So while it is too hot to be wearing long pants and jeans, it may also be too cold to be sporting only a pair of shorts. The perfect solution is to pair your outfit with some stockings or thigh highs to provide your legs with a little extra warmth. Finding fashionable and unique pairs can sometimes prove to be difficult; however, this week we will show you that you won’t have to settle for just a plain pair of black tights. iLoveSexy has many to choose from at the most affordable prices!

Whether you need a pair of thigh highs to stay warm for the weather’s sake or simply because you love working them into your outfit, they are a great accessory to style. Thigh highs can just be another part of the outfit, but for some, they can be the statement piece while keeping everything else understated. The possibilities are endless. We hope you have found your favorites from our collection. Let us know which ones they are and as usual comment below if you have any questions, suggestions, or other favorites from our website that you’d like to share.

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DIY Bottle Vases for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is drawing near and we’re sure you must be ecstatic for all the festivities that are to take place. While Valentine’s Day may be the celebration of love, St. Patrick’s Day is where the real fun is at! St. Patrick’s Day is not just a holiday for the Irish as much of America goes into full swing when it comes to commemorating the lucky day as well. Nothing quite spells out fun like dressing up in green, hitting up your favorite pub with friends  and enjoying that steady flow of liquor and beer all night long. What’s not so fun is figuring out what the do with the impending mess the morning after. Beer bottles lay strewn about end up in the garbage. However, instead of dumping them, why not make use of them. There are so many ways to reuse them even when the holiday is over. For this week’s DIY tutorial, we’re showing you how to re-purpose your leftover beer bottles from St. Patrick’s Day by creating lovely DIY bottle vases. Perfect for the spring, these DIY bottle vases make gorgeous centerpieces that can really add that pop of color to your living space. If you’re looking for a fun and inexpensive way to brighten up your tables, then keep on reading. And stick around till the end to see our lingerie favorites from our new St. Patrick’s Day Collection.

DIY Bottle Vases - What you will need


What you will need: 

Beer bottles
Spray paint
Masking tape
Puffy paint


Before getting started, we soaked the beer bottles in warm water for five to ten minutes and then peeled off the labels. If you encounter any residue when peeling off your label after soaking them, simply take a wet towel and buff it away.


DIY Bottle Vases - Step 1

1. Use puffy paint to write or draw your designs onto the bottle. To get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we went with the simple phrase “Get Lucky”.


DIY Bottle Vases - Step 2

2. Spray an even layer of paint onto your bottles and set it aside to dry.


DIY Bottle Vases - Step 3

3. This is how the bottle should look once the paint has dried. The puffy paint underneath the spray paint makes it look like it was etched into the bottle.


DIY Bottle Vases - Step 4

4. If you wish to create different striped colors on your bottle, adhere masking tape onto your bottle. This will be the color of the stripes. Then, spray paint a different color onto the same bottle and wait for it to dry.


DIY Bottle Vases - Step 5

5. Once the paint has dried, peel off the masking tape. This should reveal a neat stripe underneath the second layer of paint.


DIY Bottle Vases - Finished

Add flowers to them and you’re all done! Aren’t these just lovely for the warming weather? There are many different ways to decorate leftover bottles and this method is not just limited to beer bottles. If you have any leftover wine bottles lying around, this spring project is a great way to get rid of them without having to toss them away. You can even paint them in whatever color scheme you’d like to match the colors of your home decor.


And now let’s celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style! Those of you who are familiar with our blog know that we love to celebrate every holiday and special occasion with a little sexy and flirty lingerie. Here are just a few of our top picks for the year. Which one of these outfits would you like to get lucky in?


DIY Bottle Vases - 86522

Burlesque Jewel Corset


DIY Bottle Vases - CQ1068

Eyelash Lace and Satin Bra Set


DIY Bottle Vases - SOH29086

Dottie Corset


St. Patrick’s Day is the day to let loose and honor the holiday in the best way possible–by celebrating with friends and having the time of your life. Why not continue the fun by making use of those beer bottles that are sure to pile up by the end of the night? What did you think of this week’s tutorial? How would you decorate your own DIY bottle vases? Please share what you will be doing on St. Patrick’s Day, we’d love to hear what you will be up to. Until next week, we wish you a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Fashion Blogger Challenge – Tori from Fashion, Trends & More

Those of you who are familiar with our blog know how much we’ve been looking forward to the spring. Since we hail from the West Coast, it never stays cold for too long and sometimes we forget exactly what season it is. However, in some parts of the United States, winter is still in full swing and it can get difficult to look chic in cold, snowy weather. While some of us choose to bundle up in heavy coats and layers, others may wish to go for a more fashionable route. That’s why at iLoveSexy Blog, we are sharing another Fashion Blogger Challenge on how to rock the perfect winter-to-spring transition outfit. Our Fashion Blogger Challenges are designed to help inspire our readers to style trendy outfits using different items from our website. And this week, we will be featuring Tori from Fashion Trends & More. A stylish Philly girl, Tori has put together a gorgeous black ensemble with our Polka Dot Thigh Highs. For more information on how she styled this outfit, please check out her blog post and all the other gorgeous outfits she’s styled.

fashion blogger challenge


Who says you can’t go bare in the winter? Tori originally styled this outfit for a Valentine’s Day date night, but this outfit works wonderfully for both winter and spring as well. Straying away from the usual red and pink hues found on the romantic holiday, she decided to go with an all-black outfit instead. And why not? Black is classy and always in style and she keeps it interesting by keeping the focus on the polka-dots. The vintage Doc Martens give this outfit its casual feel while the lace socks adds that little touch of romance. And of course, don’t you just love that extra pop of red on her lips? We sure do!


What do you think of Tori’s outfit? How would you style the polka-dot thigh highs for your own outfit? Share your thoughts, questions and comments with us in the comment box below. For more fashion inspiration and trend reports, please pay a visit to Tori’s blog and leave her some love.

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DIY Decorative Mirror Frame for Wall Decor

One of our favorite parts about the springtime are the flowers to come to bloom. The long winter months can get drab and dreary at times we could not be more excited to begin the new season with all the pretty scenery and colors. Soaking in the sunshine and viewing all the lovely flowers lining the fields and streets are a great inspiration. And this week at iLoveSexy Blog, we were inspired by the upcoming season and have come up with a gorgeous DIY decorative mirror for this week’s tutorial. Perfect for adding a touch of glamour, this  DIY decorative mirror makes the perfect accent piece to your home. Gluing flowers to the mirror instantly turns it into a vintage work of art and can really add light and depth your space. Best of all, it closely resembles those expensive mirrors you see in luxury home decor stores. How’s that for the perfect springtime home decor? Stick around until the end for a sneak peek at some of our favorite spring lingerie selections too. Now let’s jump right in to our tutorial!

DIY Decorative Mirror - What you will need


What you will need:

Plain mirror with a frame
Fake Flowers
Spray paint
Scratch paper
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks


DIY Decorative Mirror - Step 1

1. Cover the mirror by overlapping pieces of scratch paper and taping them together.


DIY Decorative Mirror - Step 2

2. Spray an even coat of paint on the mirror frame.


DIY Decorative Mirror - Step 3

3. While the paint on the mirror is drying, remove the fake flowers from their stems. You should be able to pull them off with relative ease, as demonstrated in this picture but if not, you can cut them from the stem.


DIY Decorative Mirror - Step 4

4. Gather the flowers you wish to decorate your mirror with. Try to find a variety of flowers in different sizes if you can.


DIY Decorative Mirror - Step 5

5. Spray an even coat of paint onto the flowers, making sure that flower is covered completely. Repeat this step for two to three coats, if needed.


DIY Decorative Mirror - Step 6

6. Once everything has dried, this is how your materials should look. Doesn’t the gold paint make everything look so regal?


DIY Decorative Mirror - Step 7

7. Now it’s time to start decorating! Glue the flowers to the mirror frame in whatever fashion you would like. To keep things simple, we covered two corners of the mirror. But you can decorate all four corners or even the entire frame if you’d like.


DIY Decorative  Mirror - Step 8

8. To give the flowers a little more dimension and sparkle, we glued a cascading design with rhinestones to the frame and a few to the flowers.


DIY Decorative Mirror - Finished 1

Is this gorgeous or what? This DIY decorative mirror is sure to have you feeling like the fairest in the land with its simple yet elegant design. And best of all, this fun spring project is a great way to spruce up any inexpensive mirrors without breaking the bank!


DIY Decorative Mirror - Finished 2

Spring officially arrives next week on March 20th and we’ve definitely been counting down the days. To help get you ready for the fun and flirty season, we just wanted to share a few of our favorite sexy styles that are sure to be a hit this year. Let us know which one is your favorite!


DIY Decorative Mirror - STM-9497P

Lace Chemise Set


DIY Decorative Mirror - SOH20514

Lace Babydoll


DIY Decorative Mirror - CQ1177

Stretch Lace Bustier


There is so much more to springtime than just the weather. The feeling that spring brings along with its beauty is the promise of better things to come after a long winter. We hope this week’s DIY tutorial will help you welcome in spring. What did you think of this DIY Decorative Mirror? Is this a project you would like to take on? How would you decorate your own? And what other DIY projects do you think are perfect for spring? As always, we would love to hear your thoughts and questions in the comment box below. Check us out again next week for a fun St. Patrick’s Day DIY tutorial you won’t want to miss!

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Top 10 Clubbing Dresses for a Night Out

As we enter spring in a few weeks, the days will slowly grow longer and the nights warmer. Most of us have been stuck in hibernation mode over the winter and have opted to stay home during the chilly evenings. However, staying indoors has caused us to have been bitten by the dancing bug over the last couple of months.  Once the temperatures rise, it’s time to hit the clubs with your best girl friends in town. And of course, when you’re out painting the town, you’ll need to dress to impress. After all, the hottest clubs don’t always allow just anyone in and you’ll want the best of the best to help get you noticed. Popular retail stores often sell similar items, which means you’re bound to run into someone else wearing the same exact dress. However, you won’t run into that issue with our fabulous and unique styles. This week, at iLoveSexy Blog, we are pleased to share some of our newest clubbing dresses that we’ve added to our Clubwear Collection on our website. Whether you’re all about the little black dress or a slinky sequined dress, our top 10 clubbing dress selections are perfect for kicking up your heels and dancing the night away!

Dressing up is supposed to make you feel glamorous and confident. After all, getting ready for a night out is half the fun, right? Choose the dress that shows off your best assets and makes you feel like a queen. We hope you found your perfect dress while browsing through our clubbing dresses video. Which dresses were your favorite? Please let us know in the comment box below if you have any questions, suggestions or other favorite clubbing dresses from our website that you’d like to share.

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