DIY Feather Headband

Birds of a feather often flock together. And this week, at iLoveSexy Blog, we are flocking towards our lovely DIY feather headband that we’ve created for this week’s tutorial. Now that February is over, we will be entering  the spring of this year towards the end of March. Just like last year’s trend, feathers are going to be hot this year, which is why you don’t want to miss this week’s DIY. Our DIY feather headband is spray painted gold for a dramatic, rustic feel and pairs beautifully with gold lingerie. Colors like black, red and white are often seen in lingerie, but why not bring gold to the bedroom for a truly luxurious look? From the runway to the retail stores, gold is a sophisticated color that truly never goes out of fashion. For our top gold lingerie picks you can rock with this headband, stick around until after the tutorial. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your lingerie with this elegant accessory, let’s jump right in and get started!

DIY Feather Headband - What you will need


What you will need: 

Spray paint
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks


DIY Feather Headband - Step 1

1. Spray paint an even coat onto the feathers. Repeat as necessary until you have the opacity you’d like.


DIY Feather Headband - Step 2

2. This is how our feathers looked after two coats of spray paint.


DIY Feather Headband - Step 3

3. Take a pair of scissors and cut the quills off the feather to make them more pliable when gluing them against the headband.


DIY Feather Headband - Step 4

4. Dispense the hot glue in sections and press the feather onto the headband until it is securely adhered.


DIY Feather Headband - Step 5

5. Make sure to overlap your feathers to avoid any quills sticking out. To cover up any gaps, you may cut some of the feathers into sections and glue them over any exposed areas.


DIY Feather Headband - Finished 1

DIY Feather Headband - Finished 2

Simple and quick, this DIY feather headband takes only a matter of minutes to complete and makes a fun fashion project. There’s nothing quite like going all out with your lingerie and dressing up to the nines. Check out these gorgeous selections of gold lingerie you can dress up in.

DIY Feather Headband - Lace Overlay Satin Corset

Lace Overlay Satin Corset


DIY Feather Headband - Golden Goddess

Golden Goddess


DIY Feather Headband - Baroque Temptress

Baroque Temptations

Temptation is never far away whenever there’s gold involved. A most precious asset, gold has been lusted after across cultures for thousands of years and continues to be coveted today. Bring a little gold sparkle to your bedroom today with the DIY feather headband and its golden lingerie accompaniments. Which one of these gold lingerie selections was your favorite? Will you be recreating this week’s DIY? Please let us know what you thought of our tutorial for the week in the comment box below and share with us any creations you’ve made from our past tutorials. We will be back next week with more ideas and inspiration for creative crafting!

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Lingerie Blogger Interview with Manoela from Under the Unders



Fashion trends come and go, but most can agree that lingerie is forever. Always eager to find  inspiration in the lingerie industry, we’ve been wanting the share the voices of those who are as passionate as we are. That’s why this week at iLoveSexy Blog, we are pleased to announce our exclusive lingerie blogger interview with Manoela, from Under the Unders. Hailing from the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Manoela is an dynamic lingerie blogger who is currently studying Fashion Design. Her keen eye for beauty and talent for spotting the latest trends makes her one of the most refreshing voices in the lingerie blogosphere we have seen yet. On her blog, you will find a wide range of topics from lingerie gift ideas to product reviews and positive body topics that showcase her intense knowledge of the industry. Under the Unders is our latest must-read and is the perfect hub of information for ideas and recommendations that are full of flirty and feminine charm. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.


Q: Hello Manoela, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog? How did you get started?

A: Hello! The blog started a year ago, in March 2013, and it focuses on showing my favorite lingerie pieces, new trends and collections and discussing body acceptance and feminist issues related to undergarments. I am a 20 year-old fashion student from Brazil who found that lingerie and its relationship with gender and power is her ultimate passion. I started Under the Unders so that I had a personal space to talk about the things I loved the most. And it has grown so much during the last year!


Q: What inspired you to start this blog? Where do you find the inspiration for your blog posts?

A: My desire to have a space to put my words and thoughts on this subject led me to start this blog, and the fact that the lingerie market in Brazil is small and does not offer much information about sizing and different styles to the Brazilian woman has kept me going strong, wanting to find out more about this market and to have a voice in this market.

I find my inspiration in beautiful pieces and in the issues I face in my everyday life, being a woman. Every time I find something I love, it’s like finding a little treasure. I get so excited!


Q: What is your personal style for lingerie? Do you have a particular style or do you like to mix things up?

A: I am a mixer, definitely. I can wear vintage style things today, a frilly pastel set tomorrow and end the week in a bondage-inspired suit. But I’d have to say that black strappy lingerie is my favorite, along with beautiful Chantilly lace. I like useful and comfortable sets for my day-to-day activities, but I certainly enjoy more erotic pieces for when I want to feel good with myself (and share with a special someone!).


Q: What do you find most challenging about blogging on lingerie?

A: I am a blogger more focused on the fashion side than the actual fit issues, so I could not speak of that, but I certainly feel like this is a hard thing to talk about, since every woman has a different body and bras feel different in every one of us. Another hard thing is to choose my favorite products from a great collection, or choose my favorite items to put on a list!


Q: The lingerie industry is quite dynamic and fast paced. What trends do you predict for the lingerie industry this year? What lingerie item do you think will be at the top?

A: Now that is a hard question! I think that the lingerie industry is very particular because each brand seems to have it’s own style, not exactly following the trends in vogue, but adapting them to their style and characteristics. Some are more vintage, some focus on the erotic side, some like to be fun and practical… but one thing I seem to have noticed is how the technology is a great part of this market and its researches in this topic seem to always be evolving, even if it’s only fabric technologies!


Q: Most women own a good collection of bras and panties. But besides those items, what is a classic lingerie item that every woman should own?

A: Robes are a personal favorite. I love how they make me feel glamorous. A beautiful slip is incredible, too, and it surely can make you feel like a Hollywood star when going to bed!


Q: Many lingerie blogs are centered around finding the perfect bra fit for ladies. When it comes to buying and wearing lingerie, do you have any rules that you like to abide by? What are some essential things women should look for when picking out the right lingerie for them?

A: The only rule that I feel is essential to follow is: you must feel comfortable and happy. Of course, it’s great to know which is the perfect fit and model for your body, but some women prefer to wear some bras because they make them feel good, even if it’s not what professional fitters would call “perfect”. Each woman must find and use what makes them feel happy – and have enough information to look through different styles and sizes to find out what makes them feel this way.


However, I’d definitely recommend that women look for professional fitters – or internet guides if there is no fitters available in your city – so that they can find out more about sizing and what should feel best for them!


Q: Describe the kind of relationship you think women should have with their lingerie. How should women approach buying lingerie?

A: Each woman has a different relationship with her own body and life, and the lingerie she wears should follow the lines of this relationship. Some prefer to be more bold, some prefer not to take those risks. Some like to try different things and some like to keep the old classics. I guess the most important thing to a relationship between a woman and her lingerie is to feel confident and comfortable while wearing the products. It’s great to look at the mirror and love yourself!


Q: You say that you love undergarments more than any other piece of clothing. What makes undergarments so special to you?

A: The power they have. I am different when I wear great lingerie, I feel powerful. I like how they are part of your intimacy and how you can decide who you are going to share these pieces with, even if it’s just yourself. I like how they make me look in front of a mirror and I love the fabrics in which they are made. However, it’s hard to explain a passion… I just love lingerie!


Thank you so much for taking the time to interview with us and spreading the love of lingerie. We wish you the best, and hope to see your blog continue to grow and prosper.

Thank you! I wish you all the best as well!


For more information, please visit Manoela at and you can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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DIY Embellished Sunglasses

Although the spring and summer months are still a long way ahead, that doesn’t stop most retailers from unveiling their latest trends to come this year. Whether you’re still holding onto the winter or looking forward to a warm spring, it’s never too late to start getting ready for the upcoming season. One trend that’s sure to be a hit this year are embellished sunglasses. Hailing from last year’s fashion runway, the couture version of embellished sunglasses have made their way into stores but still cost quite a fortune. But for this week’s tutorial at iLoveSexy Blog, we have come up with a quick and easy way to recreate your very own DIY embellished sunglasses. Wear them as part of a casual look, rock them at a music festival as part of your rave outfits or even accessorize your sexy swimwear for a pool party. If you’re looking for a cute way to update your wardrobe for the spring and summer, then read on and let’s get started!

DIY Embellished Sunglasses - what you will need


What you will need:

Embellishments (faux flowers, half pearls, rhinestones)
Hot glue gun


1st Pair – Flower Embellished Sunglasses


DIY Embellished Sunglasses - 1st pair - Step 1

1. Cut your fake flowers from their stems. Gather as many as you need to create your favorite design.


DIY Embellished Sunglasses - 1st pair - Step 2

2. Dispense a small amount of hot glue onto the sunglasses.


DIY Embellished Sunglasses - 1st pair - Step 3

3. Press the fake flower against the sunglasses and let the hot glue dry.


DIY Embellished Sunglasses - 1st pair - Step 4

4. Take a rhinestone and apply a small amount of glue. Press it against the sunglasses. Repeat this step as necessary until you have your desired design.


DIY Embellished Sunglasses - 1st pair - Finished


DIY Embellished Sunglasses - 1st pair - Finished 2


There you have it with the first pair! We are seriously digging the fake flowers against the classic black cat-eye design. Perfect for a music festival such as Coachella or Electic Daisy Carnival, these DIY embellished sunglasses are sure make a splash.


2nd pair – Pearl embellished sunglasses 


DIY Embellished Sunglasses - 2nd Pair - Step 1

1. Dispense a small line of hot glue along the top of the sunglasses. You may want to do this step in sections. Place your pearls on top of the glue and press it tightly. Wait for the glue to dry.


DIY Embellished Sunglasses - 2nd pair - Finished

And we are finished! For all of you aviator loving girls, this pair of DIY embellished sunglasses add a sophisticated touch to an otherwise ordinary pair. These sunglasses would also look great with a line of rhinestones as well.


DIY Embellished Sunglasses - Finished 1

What do you think? Aren’t they adorable or what? Just by looking at them, we are definitely feeling the balmy spring breeze and summer nights already. The best part about this tutorial is that you can use pretty much whatever you want, whether you want to go crazy with the rhinestones or even add some crazy designs such as spikes and metal vines. Besides, what better time to have fun with your wardrobe than when the weather warms up and the layers of clothing come off?


DIY Embellished Sunglasses - Finished 2

We hope you had as much fun reading about these DIY embellished sunglasses as much as we had fun making them. Now is the perfect time to get ready for the spring and summer and these cute accessories will help get you started. Which one of these sunglasses do you like the best? Which pair will you be making? What other decorations would you use to design your own? Let us know what trends predict for this spring and summer. And of course, leave us your thoughts, questions and comments by entering them in the comment box below.

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Date Night Fashion Blogger Challenge – Sara from Sara’s Sweet Style

Valentine’s Day may be over but we’re not finished with our search for gorgeous date-night outfits styled by some of today’s most stylish fashion bloggers. Our Fashion Blogger Challenges feature fashion bloggers who coordinate different items from our website into an outfit they can wear when they’re out and about. This week, we bring you another Fashion Blogger Challenge, featuring the lovely Sara from Sara’s Sweet Style. Hailing from sunny California, this West-coasted based blogger has put together a fun and romantic outfit for Valentine’s Day or any cute date night. And she has risen up to our challenge by featuring our Lipstick Heels. For more info on her outfit, please visit her blog post and check out some of the other fabulous looks she’s put together.

fashion blogger challenge - 1


For a fun and flirty date night look, Sara has decided to play around with textures and mix a leather skater skirt and black sequined blazer. Both textures look sophisticated and mix well together against the simple red tank she has chosen for a pop of color. Of course, red is the color of love and what better time to sport it than on Valentine’s Day?


fashion blogger challenge - 1


Now accessorizing this outfit must have been the fun part for Sara. Check out her bright red clutch that she’s paired with her outfit. Keeping it simple and clean really helps to make the red accents complement the entire outfit without overpowering the sophisticated blacks. As for the shoes, we are literally falling heads over heels for her lipstick heels. Looking at it from a front view, one would notice the beautiful rhinestone embellished straps only to find a sweet little surprise.


fashion blogger challenge


On top of gorgeous rhinestone embellishments and a zipper back are these lipstick accent heels. Cool and retro, these lipstick heels will definitely walk all over whoever is lucky enough to go on a date with you. Seriously, how adorable are they?

What are your thoughts on Sara’s outfit for Valentine’s Day or a date night? Did you like the lipstick heels she has featured? How would you have styled them? Leave us your comments, questions and suggestions in the comment box below. And for more fashion tips and inspiration, be sure to pay a visit to Sara’s blog.

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DIY Glitter Roses for Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, this week, at iLoveSexy Blog, we’ve got a great DIY tutorial for you! Please excuse our cheesiness.  Since it’s Valentine’s Day, we could not think of a better time to bring out our newest and most exciting tutorial for the week–DIY glitter roses! Roses are the ultimate symbol of love and their beauty have inspired people for thousands of years. Throughout the years, the rose has represented many works of art, history and even warfare. Today, it is traditionally held as a way to showcase love and romance. And for this week’s DIY, we are getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day by showing how you to design your very own batch of DIY roses, using not one, but two easy and affordable techniques. Not only do glitter roses look expensive, they also are expensive and sometimes end up costing a fortune for a large, beautiful bouquet. From Valentine’s Day celebrations to anniversaries to graduation gifts, glitter roses have always been a popular gift for special occasions. However, our tutorial will show a quick and simple way to create a lovely one-of-a-kind bouquet for your loved ones in no time. So grab your favorite roses in whatever color you’d like and let’s get started!

DIY Glitter Roses - What you will need 1


What you will need for the 1st method: 

Extra fine glitter
Spray adhesive or tacky spray


1st Method


DIY Glitter Roses - 1st Method - Step 1

1. Hold the spray adhesive about two inches away from the roses and spray on a thin, even coat.


DIY Glitter Roses - 1st Method - Step 2

2. Sprinkle a liberal amount of glitter on the rose, making sure to get the top of every rose petal.


DIY Glitter Roses - 1st Method - Step 3

3. Shake off the excess glitter. After you have done so, dip the rose in the pile of excess glitter to cover any bald spots that the spray adhesive might not have picked up.


DIY Glitter Roses - 1st Method - Step 4

4. And here is the rose after you have finished the 1st method.


2nd Method 


DIY Glitter Roses - What you will need - 2nd method

What you will need for the 2nd method: 

Extra fine glitter
Tacky glue
Small paint brush

DIY Glitter Roses - 2nd Method - Step 1

1. Mix in equal parts tacky glue and water in a shallow cup.


DIY Glitter Roses - 2nd Method - Step 1

2. Take your paint brush and lightly brush the tips of the rose petals with your tacky glue and water mixture.


DIY Glitter Roses - 2nd Method - Step 2

3. Again, sprinkle a liberal amount of glitter on the rose, making sure to get the top of every rose petal.


DIY Glitter Roses - 2nd Method - Step 3

4. Wait 5 minutes for the tacky glue mixture to dry. This is how your glitter rose should look after you are finished using the 2nd method.


DIY Glitter Roses - Finished 1

And here are the roses side by side for comparison. Can you tell which rose is from what method? Although both roses look nearly identical, the rose using first method is on the left and the rose using the 2nd method is on the right. The first method is definitely for those who are short on time and want a quick and foolproof method. And the second method allows for more freedom in hand-painting precisely what you want. Both techniques are great and both work equally as well so we encourage you to choose the one that suits you best.


DIY Glitter Roses - Finished 2

Few things in this world are as breathtaking as red roses. Roses continue to be given during times of love and affection and will always be a great way celebrate to Valentine’s Day and other special occasions. These DIY glitter roses definitely come from the heart and will showcase your love in the best way possible. Wrap them up in your favorite ribbon and present them in a bouquet or show them off in a simple vase. For Valentine’s Day, you can give them on their own or along with other great gifts such as lingerie, jewelry or chocolates.  We hope you enjoyed this week’s tutorial as much as we have. Will you be making these DIY glitter roses? Which method did you like the best? What is your favorite color for roses? Show us some love for Valentine’s Day and leave us your comments, suggestions and questions. This week’s tutorial wraps up our DIY Valentine’s Day Series. But don’t fret, we will be back next week with fresh new ideas to get your crafts on!

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Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

One of our favorite parts about Valentine’s Day is seeing the look on a significant other’s face after they have received the perfect gift. However, finding that perfect gift is the actual challenge and with so many choices bombarding you while you shop, stress levels can run high. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about celebrating the affection you have for your loved ones.  Whether you’re looking for a gift for your girlfriend, wife or best friend, it’s always important to search for something thoughtful and stylish. Of course, you’ll want to give her something she is proud to show off when Valentine’s Day comes around. And since the holiday is just around the corner, we’ve got the scoop on this year’s best gifts for women with a list of our top picks. For all the last minute shoppers, we hope that our Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her video will be useful in helping you pick out the perfect gift for that special someone. From our favorite lingerie selections on our website to fabulous jewelry to a few surprises you may not have thought of, we guarantee that these picks are sure to impress!


Valentine’s Day shopping doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. With more than enough amazing ideas, there are many ways to strike out with that perfect gift and wow her this year. Although time is ticking, there’s still some time left to surprise her. We hope you’ve enjoyed peeking through our Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her video. What was your favorite item in the video? Are any of these gifts something that your loved one would like? What other ideas do you have for a great Valentine’s Day gift? We would love to hear your comments, questions and suggestions so don’t be a stranger and leave us a comment in the comment box below! We would just like to wish you all a fun and romantic holiday. May this week be filled with love, laughter and great company! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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DIY Mason Jars for Valentine’s Day

If you’re as pin-crazy as we are on Pinterest, you’ll know that mason jars have been all the rage lately and have cemented their place in interior home decor. Mason jars are not only useful but also simply adorable. With so many different ways to decorate them, it can be overwhelming on deciding which DIY project to take on. Can’t we just do them all, we often think to ourselves whenever we peruse through so many great DIYs. Well, that would take forever so we had to narrow it down to just one. This week on iLoveSexy Blog, we are getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day by decorating our very own DIY mason jars and filling them up with special surprises. Whether you’re new to working with mason jars or happen to decorate your own and are looking for new ideas, you’ve come to the right place. What makes these mason jars special from all of the other Pin-worthy tutorials we’ve seen? Ours is filled with a cute, little surprise, which we’re sure your loved ones or friends would appreciate for Valentine’s Day. To learn how to make our DIY mason jars and find out surprise we have in store for you, keep on reading!

DIY Mason Jars - What you will need


What you will need:

Mason Jars
Acrylic paint
Chalkboard paint
Small foam brush


DIY Mason Jar - Step 1

1. Remove the lid from the mason jar and place it on top of a paper towel or scratch paper. Using the small foam brush, cover it with a layer of chalkboard paint. If needed, you may go in a second time and paint another layer over it after the first layer has dried. Make sure your layers are not too thick, otherwise you may not be able to write over them with chalk.


DIY Mason Jars - Step 2

2. Take the outer rim of the mason jar and paint over it with your choice of acrylic paint. Depending on the finish and opacity, you may need two to three layers.


DIY Mason Jars - Step 3

3. Set the lids and outer rims aside to dry. This is how they should look after they have thoroughly dried.


DIY Mason Jars - Step 4

4. Fill your mason jars up with any candy of your choice. Since this was a Valentine’s themed DIY, we  decided to go with some Hershey’s kisses and Dove chocolate hearts. Also, grab a pair of cute panties that your loved one or friends would like.


DIY Mason Jars - Step 5

5. And here comes the fun part! Create a small bed of candy and stuff your panties in the middle. Fill the rest of your jar with more candy to the brim and cover it with the lid and mason jar.


DIY Mason Jars - Step 6

6. To wrap things up, use your ribbon to tie a bow onto your mason jar.


DIY Mason Jars - Finished

And there you have it! We don’t know about you but we think these DIY mason jars are definitely Pin-worthy! The chalkboard paint really adds an adorable touch to this little project and personalized messages onto the lids will really make this special for your loved ones and friends. We’re sure these will work great as gifts, decorations and even party favors for parties and showers. Not to mention, an even better surprise awaits them after they open the mason jar. As we like to say–eat some candy, take a panty!


Are you excited that Valentine’s Day is officially kicking in next week? Have you started hunting for your gifts yet or do you work better under a little pressure? Whatever your shopping style, we’re sure you’ll find something great. Let us know if you liked our DIY mason jars and if you will be creating any of your own. What other goodies would you stuff inside these mason jars? As always, we want to see what creations you make with our weekly DIY tutorials, so please share them with us and don’t be shy! Check back again next week for our final Valentine’s Day DIY series. We guarantee you won’t want to miss it!

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Valentine’s Day Fashion Blogger Challenge–Maggie from Love Mavin

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is next week? In the midst of all the excitement surrounding the hallmark holiday, we could not be more ecstatic to unveil yet another new series for iLoveSexy Blog. Those of you who follow us on social media know that we are huge fans of fashion and follow style trends fairly regularly. One trend that has risen to prominence over the years is incorporating lingerie into everyday wear. With how forward fashion has come, lingerie does not only belong in the bedroom any longer. That’s why we have been asking bloggers and fashionistas to join our Fashion Blogger Challenge and style an outfit, using items from our website. This is a fun way to see the many different ways people interpret lingerie outside of an intimate setting. So without further ado, we would like to welcome our very first blogger who partook in our Fashion Blogger Challenge, Maggie from Love Mavin. Check out her post on how she styled the Be Mine Lace Floral Teddy!

fashion blogger challenge - 1


 For a date night with her boyfriend, Maggie decided to go with a flirty yet classy peek-a-boo concept and layer the teddy underneath a stylish button-down dress. Perfect for those who want to straddle the line between conservative and sexy, this outfit makes for a fun date and leaves a little to the imagination. When it comes to layering, you can go one of two ways–tight fitting or loose-fitting. For example, tight-fitting would be pairing this teddy with a structured blazer. And loose-fitting would be what Maggie has done by incorporating dark chiffon material against the lace, giving it a great feminine touch.


fashion blogger challenge - 1

And you know what the best part about layering stylish pieces over lingerie? How alluring it is to slowly unveil those layers to reveal what’s underneath. Sometimes, more really is less. At least until the end of the night. Maggie was very pleased to tell us that this was boyfriend-approved. So ladies, take notes!
What did you think of Maggie’s outfit? Did you like the lingerie that she chose? How would you have styled the teddy? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out her blog for more fashion and beauty updates. And check back again for more Fashion Blogger Challenge posts and learn how many other ways you can style lingerie into your everyday wardrobe!

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