Heels Fit For the Holidays

It’s celebration time and it’s time to dress the part. While some opt for the embellished top or the embellished dress, some have their hearts set on making a statement with their shoes. For those who prefer to purchase and keep their clothing pieces suitable for all year round, rocking a statement shoe can instantly make it glam for the holidays. At iLoveSexy, we have a sea of shoes to choose from, but this season there are a few that we feel are just must-haves for Christmas and the New Years.

Holiday Shoes

(Clockwise: Lumina-26, Heiress-22R, Melody-18, Lolita-08, Lumina-22, Destiny-06R)

When choosing a holiday shoe, it is important to keep in mind the balance in your overall look. We know that it is very tempting to add all your favorite statement pieces onto one outfit to show it all off at once, but don’t. We must emphasize the importance of this. Adding too much can actually make your outfit look overdone and tacky, which no one wants. Choose one piece to focus on, so if you have chosen to wear a crystallized shoe, do not add a huge chunky rhinestone necklace that will detract the eye from your beautiful shoes.

All these shoes come in multitude of colors to choose from to fit any colored outfits, but we think all these are great neutrals that would work with just about anything. Not only are these heels great for the holidays, they are also great for any special occasion such as weddings, proms, galas etc.

Which shoe is your favorite?

Holiday Party Looks Feat. Sparkly Dresses

With Thanksgiving approaching, and Christmas just a little bit over a month away, the holiday parties will be starting very soon. This time of the year, you can definitely be a little over the top with the sparkles and bling, and we can’t get enough of that. However, it is very important that while you do incorporate sparkle, that you balance out the rest of your outfit with things that are a bit more understated. Over the top doesn’t mean overkill after all. At iLoveSexy, we offer quite a few dresses that would be perfect for the holiday festivities. This week, we picked two of our favorites in two different shades of gorgeous jewel tone blues.

Holiday Party Looks
First, we have the Sapphire Side Cutout Dress. Featuring a strappy sequin design on the sides, this dress puts a festive twist to the trend. With it, we chose a pair of minimalistic nude heels and a unique all black clutch. To finish it off, we added some simple jewelry pieces and some classic red lips.

Holiday Party Looks Next, we have our Crystal One Shoulder Dress in this stunning teal color. Featuring a rhinestone embellished neckline, we think this dress is perfect for any holiday occasion. We layered a leather jacket over it to tone it down a little, and we kept the shoes to a classic pointed toe pump. Like with the other outfit, we decided to add a festive pop with the earrings and some red nail polish.

There’s something about the holidays that makes dressing up all the more fun. Tell us what you think about the outfits we put together, and what is your version of an ideal holiday ensemble?

Fall Fashion: Styling a Leopard Bustier

Fall weather is in full swing. Temperatures are dropping, and we are definitely excited for the change of pace. With the onset of fall, it is time to put away those bright colors and short shorts in exchange for some gorgeous sweaters and deep rich colors. One of our favorite fall prints to wear is leopard. It’s a beautiful neutral pattern, and we think every woman could use a little bit of it in their everyday clothing and in their lingerie. This week we thought we would pair one of our favorite bustiers (Leopard Love Set) that features leopard detailing into two chic outfits.

leopardlacebustierlook-2 This first look is for all those ladies who prefer something more casual and comfortable. Layering the bustier under a sheer top will allow just tidbits of it to show. Perfect for those who are not comfortable showing too much of their lingerie. We paired the rest of the outfit with some distressed combat style boots, midi rings, and a just a bit of sparkle with a rhinestone ear cuff. When put together all these pieces create a look that looks like you spent a lot of time on it, but in reality it was very quick and easy.

The second look is for a night out with the girls. We decided to layer a leather inverted moto jacket to edge up the overall look and a skater skirt that pulls out the beige tones of the leopard print. To finish it off, we paired the outfit with a pair of lace up cut out booties that is perfect for weather that’s not too hot or too cold. This look can easily be adjusted to different weather conditions with some additional tights and a change to more heavy duty boots.

These outfits are both perfect transitional looks because it takes some summer pieces into the fall. It’s covered up, but not too much and that’s essential when the weather is still taking a bit of time to figure out whether it still wants to be hot or cold (alas Los Angeles). What do you think of our pairings? How would you style our bustier?

Top 25 Halloween Costumes (2014)

With Halloween just around the corner, choosing a costume can get overwhelming with all the rush and all the choices. However, as the countdown is winding down it is important to decide sooner or later because there is a risk of costumes selling out and no one wants to have to switch up their plans last minute. At iLoveSexy, we stock hundreds of costumes every single year, and we decided to put together a video to show off all of our best sellers and our personal favorites. We hope this helps those of you who have yet to decide on a costume.

Out of the 25 we have shown in the video, we have also narrowed it down to 5 to feature here on our blog. These are the ones that we think are on point with this year’s trends in fashion and entertainment. If you’re having a hard time figuring it all out, allow us to give you a helping hand in the right direction.
1. On Deck Darling – A sailor costume is a classic, and there’s no sailor costume like the pinup inspired kind. In recent fashion, high-waisted bottoms are a must have, and this costume features that perfect throwback silhouette that will sure to be a hit.
2. Playful Panda – A little more playful than the others, this panda costume features a furry hoodie that is great for costume goers of all ages. It is more on the cute side than the sexy, but an animal costume is always a fail safe option on Halloween. Not only can it be worn on Halloween, but we are sure it will be a crowd pleaser at rave festivals during this time of the year.
3. Sexy Clown – With the premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show and its scary clowns, the circus is on everyone’s minds. This costume favorite of ours not only works well as a clown/jester costume that you can either make sexy or scary depending on your makeup, but it can also work as a Harley Quinn costume.
4. Evil Queen – Fairy tales have been very prominent in the entertainment industry in this past year. With the popularity of the movie Frozen and shows like Once Upon A Time, everyone wants to be part of that fantastical world of magic. Although, everyone wants to be the good guy, dressing up as one of the villains is just as fun if not more. One of our favorites has got to be the Evil Queen, especially the one in Once Upon A Time where her character is much more developed and complex.
5. Sexy Poison Ivy – The tv series Gotham just premiered not too long ago, and with new focus on the Batman story line, the characters from it are definitely going to spark interest this Halloween. This new arrival Poison Ivy costume features a sexy corset top that we think is perfect for those who want to show of their curves.
We hope we’ve made your costume decision a little easier if you are still in dire need of one. We’ve gone over only a very select few, and if none of these tickle your fancy, there are still hundreds more we offer on our website, iLoveSexy.com. Head on over, and hopefully you will find that costume that’s calling your name.

Does Your Bra Fit Properly?

A bra is made to support your breast and making sure it fits right is essential to maximize those benefits. Did you know that, according to studies, about 80% of women are actually wearing the wrong bra size? That is a lot of women walking around with ill-supported breasts! The woman standing near you right now probably has the wrong bra size, too. So how do you if there is something wrong with your bra? We have compiled a checklist for you, this week, to help you determine if you are one of the 80% or are you apart of the latter. If you weren’t able to check one ore more of these things, you are most likely not wearing a properly fitting bra.
The shoulder straps are not sliding off your shoulders constantly.

If they are, your straps need to be tightened to ensure that your bra is staying up and providing you with proper lift.
The center gore (the piece of fabric in the middle that connects the two cups) lays flat against your sternum.

If the gore is rising up, your bra may be too small, therefore causing the cups to pinch together creating a crease.
The band does not pinch your rib cage and is not digging into your skin.

Pinching of the band indicates that your band size is too small, and you may need to reconsider the next band size up.
The band in the back is parallel to the front and not riding up.

This indicates that your band may be too small.
You can fit no more than two fingers between your band and your back.

Ideally, two fingers of space between your band and your back provides the perfect snug fit for your bra. Less than that will cause the band it dig into your skin, and more than that, we cause your band to ride up.
There are no gaps between the cups and your breasts.

The cups should lay flat against your breast. If not, then the cups are too big, or the padding is not lifting you in the right places. Consider a different size or a different style that has padding that correlates to your breast shape.
Your breasts are not spilling out of the cups.

You should never wear a bra that is too tight to create more “push” or cleavage.
The underwire is not digging into your rib cage causing discomfort.
The sizes of underwires varies from style to size. Some may be longer or shorter, or more curved or less curved. Make sure the underwire complements your breast, and does not dig into your rib cage.
The underwire does not poke your underarm.

Try a smaller cup size or a demi bra that has shorter underwires.

Bra Anatomy

A perfect bra is every woman’s best friend. It lifts, covers, and supports our breast and it is an essential undergarment in a woman’s everyday life. Bras have come a long way throughout its history and now they have been refined to be more comfortable and more supportive than ever before. Although a bra seems so simple  in design,  it is actually very complex and each part of a bra serves a specific function.


Today we are going to give you a run down of the  construction of a bra. Some of these terms you may be familiar with, while some not so much. These terms are good to know and many come in handy when you are looking to purchase a new bra. If a bra does not fit, you can identify which part of the bra is not fitting and use that knowledge to look for a better fit.



Front Strap – The straps hold up the bra and help distribute the weight of the bra between the two sides.
Cups – These cover the breast and most of the time contains light to heavy padding to provide support and lift. Unlined bras are also available but are usually only worn for aesthetic reasons.
Underwire – A semi-circular wire under the cup that is used to support the bust.
Center Gore – The piece of fabric in the center front that connects the cups together. Center gores can either be stretch or non-stretch. Non-stretch provides more stability and support.
Adjuster – This allows the wearer to shorten or lengthen the drop of the bra according to their body. The wearer can adjust the straps to be shorter for more lift.
Hook & Eye Closure – A closure that consists of hooks and eyelets to fasten the bra together. There are usually 2-3 rows to adjust the band length.
Band - Also known as the wing, the band goes around the torso under the bust to keep the bra in place.

Garter Belt Buying Guide

In the past we’ve covered a variety of topics for lingerie such as bras, panties and hosiery of all sorts. We have taught you from how to pick out the best styles to fit your body to how to identify different panties. This week as we sat and pondered about what else we have not covered, we stumbled onto the idea of garter belts. Garter belts, once a very essential part of every day undergarments, have now become more of a novelty used for sex appeal rather than a necessity used for support. We’re going to aim to bring it all back today and teach you how to buy a garter belt that will fit your needs.
What is a Garter Belt?
A piece of elastic material worn at the waist with suspenders used to clip to the tops of stockings. Garter belts are used to support stockings and prevent them from falling down. Best used with stockings that do not already have silicone rubber lining.
What material should I look for?
Lace and lightweight material will suffice for usage in the bedroom but for all day support, look for something with a sturdy material. Garter belts made of power net, satin, or cotton are will last longer and provide more support.
How many suspenders do I need?
Typically, garter belts have at least two suspenders on each side (one in the front and one in the back). There are also ones that have up to 8 straps for maximum security. At least 6 straps are recommended for all day usage and 4 for short term. Choosing thicker straps will give more stability as well. Always look for straps that have adjusters so you may fit the garter belt to your body.
What kind of clasps should I buy?
Many garter belts you find come with plastic clasps. These are actually only intended for short periods of usage, and they are not good for your stockings. For something that will last all day and provide maximum support without damaging your stockings, metal clasps are highly recommended. They will hold the stockings in place better and can withstand the stress of constant pulling.
As you can see, garter belts are not all created equal. Some are just for looks while an actual garter belt needs a lot more to provide the proper support for your stockings. If your goal is just to find something to pair with your lingerie pieces in the bedroom, most garter belts found online and in department stores will suffice. However, if you want something that will do the job right, follow these pointers that we have provided when you go shopping next time. They may cost a bit more, but they will definitely last you longer. For an essential undergarment, it pays to spend a little more money. Let us know what your thoughts are on garter belts in the comments!

How-To: Choosing Lingerie For Your Body Type

Just like clothes, not all types of lingerie flatters everyone. It is all about knowing your body type and learning to play up the good features and down play the not so great ones. Each person is shaped different. Some are more top heavy while others are more bottom heavy. Then there are the lucky ones who are blessed with beautiful hourglass shapes that look great in almost anything. While you may or may not be one of those, there are most definitely ways to work your body to your advantage so that you may still feel sexy and confident in the garments that you do choose to wear. Every one has the right to feel sexy just as much as the next. Just because you do not look like those celebrities on the cover of your favorite fashion magazine does not mean you are not just as beautiful. This week we are going to help you identify your body shape so you can have a better understanding your features. After identifying your shape, we are going to give you some pointers as to what kind of lingerie you should be buying and which ones will flatter your body the most.

Choosing lingerie for your body type


Rectangle Body Type
Measurements for the bust, waist, and hips are similar in size. Little to no curve definition.
– Aim to add volume to the bust and hips.
– Look for padded/push up bras to create a fuller bust.

– Anything with ruching or ruffles will add volume.

– Try lingerie skirts that will help create the illusion of wider hips.

– Corsets that will cinch in the waist making it look smaller that the bust and hips.
Inverted Triangle Body Type
Body is top heavy and shoulders are generally more broad. Fuller bust but smaller waist and narrow hips.

– Full coverage or balconette bras will support the bust area and lift it up.

– Baby dolls that draws attention away from the smaller hips.

– Lower rise panties that starts at the widest part of your hips.

– Look for details such as ruffles or bows in bottoms only to add more volume to the hips.

Pear Body Type

Pears carry most of their weight in their lower body. They have smaller shoulders, chest, and waist, but their hips and thighs are bigger.

– Demi cup bras with padding will help lift up the small bust and create more cleavage.

– Boy short panties that covers the wider hips.

– Chemise that just skims the body and does not add any unnecessary extra volume.

Hourglass Body Type

The bust and hips are proportionate to each other. The waist size is the smallest and defined.

– Aim to accentuate all your natural curves.

– Corsets will add even more definition to your shape.

– Teddies or bodysuits will wear beautifully.

– Any vintage inspired lingerie will a high waist line will bring out your tiny waist.
We hoped this guide has helped you and that you now have a better understanding of what your best features are. Use this guide to help you in your next lingerie purchase or even your clothing purchases. Now that you know what to hide and what to accentuate you can make really begin to accentuate in all the right places. Tell us what your body type is and leave us any feedback you may have in the comments section. We would love to hear them.

It’s All In The Details: Clothing Details

On our website there are many pieces of lingerie, clubwear, and costumes to choose from. For each of these products there are usually many details that go into the overall look of it. Believe it or not, without these details a piece of garment would be rather boring. Today, we are going to identify many of the common details you see on many of our lingerie pieces. Of course, many of these can also be found on every day clothes as well so it is useful information to know. Perhaps some details flatter you more than others. Knowing the exact details you like or do not like will be helpful in the future when you shop for new pieces.

Clothing Details


Busk – A two-part closure made of steel. One side contains the loops while the other contains the posts. Primarily used for corsets.
Eyelash Lace – A type of lace with a trim that resembles the look of eyelashes.
Fringe – A decorative border of hanging threads that usually dangles from the edge of a garment.
Hook & Eye Closure – A closure that uses metal hooks and eyelets. Similar to a busk in function, but used more universally on different types of clothing.
Lace Up – Having a piece of string or ribbon to use to tighten up a closure.
Pleated – A method of double folding fabric upon itself and then pressing it into place.
Ruched – Gathering of fabric to create folds in the fabric.
Ruffle – A trim created by the gathering of a strip of fabric.
Scalloped – A trim formed by rounded curves along the edge.
Sweetheart Neckline – Neckline that is double scalloped and resembles the top of a heart. Accentuates the breast area.
Keyhole – A decorative opening on a piece of clothing.
Flyaway – A piece of garment that has a draped opening.

Did you know all these terms and details, or did you learn something new today? Comment and let us know!

How To Pick A Pair of Flattering Hosiery

Hosiery, as one can see from our website iLoveSexy, has many different varieties. There are many patterns, colors, and lengths and it can get very overwhelming. Choosing a pair that matches your outfit is one thing, but one that will make your legs look its best is another story. Everyone wants legs that look like the ones those models have on the covers of magazines or celebrities on the red carpet. Most people can only wish and hope, while they become insecure about the little imperfections of their own. However, there ARE ways to flatter your natural legs and today we will teach you how to address the top 3 issues and create the illusion of beautiful legs with a just few simple tips.

How To Pick A Pair of Flattering Hosiery



My legs are very skinny. I want to make them look less scrawny and more healthy.
If your legs are naturally very skinny, and you want them to appear less so, try printed tights. A general rule is any type of prints minus vertical stripes will add volume. The prints will break up the attention of the eyes and pull them away from the narrow lines of your legs.

I have short legs, and I want to make them appear longer.
If your legs are on the shorter side, elongate them by wearing patterns with vertical lines. Vertical lines draws the eyes up and down making legs appear longer than they actually are. These can either be just simple vertical lines or a pair of ribbed tights that are more subtle.

My legs are stubby and have trouble areas of fat. I want them to appear long and lean.
If you want to make your legs appear leaner along with longer, then a solid color is the way to go. As opposed to wearing vertical stripes, solid colors are less distracting. When paired with a pair of shoes that are the same color, your legs will look long and lean because your foot and leg will appear like one connected line.

Depending on what issues you have with your own legs, you can choose a pair accordingly. Don’t be discouraged that your legs do not look perfect. Just like there are ways to dress slimmer, there are ways to create illusions with the leg as well.